Free Online College Courses for High School

We’ll be honest, the costs of homeschooling a high schooler can add up quickly. With ready-to-go homeschool programs, accreditation worries, and electives, many parents will feel the perceived high price is just not feasible. I mean, after all, you still have to eat.

Unlike what many marketed homeschool high school programs would lead you to believe, homeschooling a high schooler does not have to break the bank. There are many high-quality resources available for free or cheap, especially in our age of technology. Because we also know what you’re thinking — if something’s free, is it good quality? Well, some are and some are not.

We’re here to show you some incredible options!

At this moment, if homeschooling your teen feels unmanageable because programs are breathtakingly expensive, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief after reading this post. There are plenty of affordable options for high schoolers. You just have to get creative!

In this post, we’ll talk about:

  • Ivy League Open-Access Courses
  • How to Homeschool a High Schooler on a Budget
  • Additional Resources for Homeschooling a High Schooler

Ivy League Open-Access College Courses

The best resources we have found for teens, by far, are free, open-access courses offered by Ivy League schools. You read that right: free courses from Ivy League schools! 

Most of us are aware of how highly competitive these schools are. Even though Ivy League universities can come across as elitist and exclusive (and, well, they kind of are…) they also recognize that education is a universal right

While your students will not get university credit for these courses, you can utilize them just like you would any other “unaccredited” curriculum to homeschool high school! Open-access courses are the perfect solution for homeschool high school free resources. 

These courses are for students willing and ready to learn. Just because they are free does not mean they are simple or easy! Your students will be challenged with these Ivy League courses and reach new levels of learning.

Here are the links to several open-access Ivy League archives!

How to Homeschool a High Schooler on a Budget

In addition to open-access Ivy League courses, there are numerous high-quality homeschool high school free options! The Ivy League courses are our favorite option, but these other ideas are worth considering as well. 

To homeschool high school, expenses are a major hurdle for most families. Many homeschoolers are on a strict budget or have multiple children and a limited income. With a bit of creativity, you can still piece together a quality education for your teen. No, it’s not going to be a uniform program for every subject, but the mix may help keep their homeschool days more varied and interesting, anyway!

Here are several homeschool high school free resources for getting started!

Additional Resources for Homeschooling a High Schooler