Give yourself a Checkup!

Give yourself a Checkup!

For many, the holiday season marks the midpoint of the homeschool year. It’s also the perfect time to evaluate your homeschool efforts.  And even though holiday shopping, merry-making, and more shrink your available free time, putting aside a few hours to do this one thing could make all the difference!

Carving some time out of your busy schedule to hold a meeting with your family, critiquing your homeschool schedule, and evaluating your curriculum will enable you to get the right perspective on your homeschooling endeavors!

Call a Meeting

Giving your children a chance to share what they love or hate about your homeschool setup this year will keep them motivated! Sometimes, we simply lose sight of the small things and whether or not the kids are enjoying homeschooling at all. Grades just tell part of the story! Having a meeting and an open discussion will give greater insight into how to make things better!

Amend Your Schedule

We all know that a schedule usually makes or breaks us! But as you take time to find out how everyone is doing with the one you have – adjustment may be necessary. It might be a good idea to provide extra free time, electives that really interest the kids, or even allow the kids a little later wake up time!  Some parents get really creative with changing school times from morning to afternoon… others I’ve heard even homeschool in the evenings because they are night owls! You’ve got the freedom to be flexible with homeschooling – so use it!!

Adjust Your Curriculum

If you discover through your family meeting that your students are just not enjoying “what” they are studying… do your best to change it up. Of course, if you’ve invested your budget in a homeschool curriculum it’s understandable that you might not want to trash it. But, if it isn’t working for you there are some things that you can do to make it a better fit. Here are some great pointers for doing just that!

A family meeting can make all the difference in helping your homeschool successfully navigate the new year! We wish you the best as you give your all to educate your children!

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