Don’t Forget Your Homeschool Goals!

November 3, 2018

First Things First!

  • Start with WHY? Think about the different learning styles that work best for each of your individual students and the style of homeschooling that works for your family. What are the reasons you are homeschooling? What is the motivation for your homeschooling? Why does homeschooling appeal to you?
  • Then consider the HOW? How will you accomplish your goals? Maybe incorporating entrepreneurship into your homeschooling would be helpful or even trying  Waldorf in your home. Learning Centers are a great idea for hands-on learners. Volunteer work, therapies for children with special needs also need to be kept in mind.
  • Finally, consider the WHAT? Art supplies, dance lessons, sports teams, tutoring, office supplies, science kits, audio books, faith-based curriculum, art-based curriculum, science-based curriculum, geography-based curriculum, and equipment for various special needs.

Get Clear Direction From Your Why!

After a while a change may need to be made in your homeschool . Or maybe you are just starting homeschooling, mid-year and need some direction. You can use a portfolio to keep track of how things are progressing and if goals are being met. It will help you see if the curriculum you have chosen is actually doing what it should. Create a diagram as I show in the video to clearly delineate you “Why, How, and What” of homeschooling.

What Curriculum is Right?

How should you select curriculum? Make sure everything aligns with your “Why!” There are so many types to choose from. Use the type that will help you with the “why” of homeschooling. Stay flexible and adjust the curriculum to make it work. Find a curriculum that works for your own family. Before you get to the “what” you have to determine the “why” and of course, the “how”. That’s when you can start searching for the curriculum that will best serve your homeschool.

If your curriculum is starting “stink” then it indicates that you are out of alignment with “how” your curriculum is fulfilling its role in the “why”. Fill out your own target diagram with the why in the middle, the how ring around that, and the why ring surrounding it all. If it’s clear that the curriculum you’ve been using just doesn’t fit with your “Why” then it’s time for you to consider getting rid of it!

5 ways to get rid of what is not working in your curriculum

  • Get consensus from your family on how they think things are progressing. Hear what they have to say as they may have invaluable input.
  • Adjust the “how”. Make sure that what you are using is the right fit for your auditory learner, your kinetic learner, your visual learner, or your hands on learner. Also consider the when and where. Maybe try school at a different time or take activities outside.
  • Does your “what’s” pass the joy test? If they don’t, then put it away for now.
  • You may need to adjust what you have. This might do this by adjusting some factors in how you are using the curriculum you already have.
  • If it isn’t working, then go ahead and let it go. It doesn’t mean that you or your family have failed but instead that it just doesn’t work to fulfill the educational goals that your family needs.