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MAY 3, 2024
Affordable & Free Homeschool Curriculum

If you're new to homeschooling you might wonder if you can find free homeschool curriculum options. In fact, you may even ask, "Can I Afford to Homeschool?" or "How much will it cost?" Indeed,…

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APRIL 16, 2024
Bird Homeschool Unit Study

Obviously, spring is an excellent time to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather and all it brings! And when we think of spring we think of birds! Though some can be seen and heard year-round,…

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APRIL 7, 2024
102 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Whether you are looking to stay close to home this summer or venture out into the world, we've compiled a huge list of things for children of all ages to be able to use to have an amazing summer!…

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APRIL 2, 2024
Free Homeschool Poetry Study

As homeschoolers, we are all about DIYS!  What better DIY than your own homeschool poetry unit study? The month of April is National Poetry Month, and it only seems fitting to put together a…

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MARCH 14, 2024
How to Manage Homeschool Stress

Everyone dreams of a stress-free life. Yet we all know that there will always be some level of stress in our day-to-day life, especially in our homeschool life. Yet, I'm here to help you find…

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FEBRUARY 15, 2024
College Entrance Exam SAT ACT Test Prep

Do you have a high schooler with college looming in his or her future?  If you are like most parents in this situation, you are both excited for your child and nervous at the same time.  You…

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JANUARY 31, 2024
African American History Unit Study

Indeed, it's vital to be intentional about all of history since African American history is simply American history. However, most texts, though well-meaning, don't exhaust this rich subject.…

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JANUARY 22, 2024
2024 Educational Website Awards

Discover the 2024 Homeschool Educational Websites Awards! These awards are "grass-roots" and that means homeschoolers nominate and vote on all entries to the educational website awards. Use these…

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JANUARY 3, 2024
Testimonials: What Our Users Say

At, we take immense joy in our ability to help homeschoolers with the resources they need. Nothing speaks louder about the value we provide than the words of those who have experienced…

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DECEMBER 30, 2023
Public School to Homeschool Mid-Year Transition Guide

You may be wondering how to switch from public school to homeschool... if that's the case, let us help!  Many parents make this choice for starting homeschool mid-year, often during the winter…

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