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Healthy Kids Homeschool Unit Study

Have you ever thought about adding a specific study on a topic that was outside of the homeschool curriculum that you are using? An easy way to do that is with a unit study. While there are many…

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AUGUST 24, 2022
Homeschool Unit Study Theme Days

Is there a subject or topic your children are interested in and you would like to include in your homeschool plans? An easy way to do that is with a unit study. While there are many different…

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AUGUST 8, 2022
Top 10 Homeschool Organization Tips

Homeschooling is wonderful for many reasons, a few being the flexibility of life and schedule, the ability to cater to your child's specific learning style, and the privilege of being the one…

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AUGUST 2, 2022
The Scoop on Socialization?

The question of socialization comes up often in conversations about homeschooling. Parents who are new to homeschooling or considering it as a future option may recognize that school provides…

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AUGUST 1, 2022
Tips for Homeschooling Moms

They say hindsight is 20/20 and that phrase rings true more times in my life than I’d care to admit.  That’s how life is, though. It’s a learning process. While we can begin any ambition…

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JULY 25, 2022
Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards

The Back to Homeschool Awards is the one place where homeschoolers nominate and vote on their favorites and it's a great place to find the most popular homeschool curriculum! This year we had…

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JULY 14, 2022
Back to Homeschool Launch Kit!

It's Back to Homeschool time, and we know how everything can feel like it's hitting all at once. There is so much to work through and process that most of us usually end up feeling overwhelmed! This…

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JUNE 15, 2022
Summer Learning Opportunities

Learning resources are plentiful and easy to find. But filling your summer with loads of learning isn't always fun...the best advice? Keep it simple. To simplify your summer learning…

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JUNE 13, 2022
Ocean Animals Homeschool Unit Study

June is designated as National Oceans Month and National Zoo and Aquarium Month, so we wanted to offer you an ocean animals unit study. There is so much that can be said and learned about the…

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JUNE 1, 2022
“On-Demand” Homeschool Virtual Conference

Register today to save your place in our FREE Back to Homeschool Virtual Conference! It’s our goal to provide homeschoolers with the tools they need to homeschool well.  This July we’ll…

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