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JANUARY 12, 2021
Newsletter 49: Homeschooling Big Changes Mid-Year Can Be Great!

 I started out with a plan last fall for our homeschool that I thought was great and realized 2 months in that there were a few things that really didn’t work. I knew we couldn’t finish…

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JANUARY 5, 2021
Homeschool High School Bible

Many homeschoolers believe that having a daily Bible lesson is an essential aspect of educating the whole person. Though Bible isn’t a required subject, Christian homeschoolers feel its importance…

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JANUARY 5, 2021
Homeschool High School History

The study of high school history is one of those subjects that incite a "love-hate" relationship! There are those precious few who view the facts as treasures waiting to be picked up and memorized.…

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JANUARY 4, 2021
Guide to College Admissions

When your student is ready to enter high school, it is important to begin to establish goals in order to create an academic and extracurricular activity plan that meets their future needs. If…

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JANUARY 2, 2021
Printable Full-Year Homeschool Calendar

Every homeschool needs organization. The first step to making an organized plan and keeping things running smoothly in your homeschool is a calendar. We all know those come in different shapes…

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JANUARY 1, 2021
Homeschool High School: Test-Free College Admissions Requirements

Acceptance into college has always been a major discussion for homeschooling high schoolers. With high-pressure stakes and traditional requirements such as test scores, homeschoolers may feel…

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DECEMBER 8, 2020
Public School to Homeschool Mid-Year Transition Guide

 You may have recently made the monumental decision to homeschool. Kudos! It's a great time to start your homeschooling adventure. Many parents make this choice for starting homeschool mid-year,…

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DECEMBER 4, 2020
How to Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum

How To Choose Homeschool Curriculum We know choosing a homeschool curriculum that fits both your child’s learning and homeschooling style can be overwhelming. With all of the different types…

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DECEMBER 3, 2020
How to Homeschool Multiple Children

I've heard from so many families that they would love to find a peaceful and manageable solution to homeschooling children of varying ages. Having multiple levels can make it difficult for any…

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NOVEMBER 28, 2020
Avoid Homeschool Chaos

This morning we’ve had one catastrophic event after another, from the dogs running through the mud to greet the FEDEX and UPS men and needing baths TWICE, to the oven going out, and then the…

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