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101 Things To Do This Summer

As much as your kids will tell you they can’t wait for summer, the words “I’m bored,” inevitably cross their lips – sometimes sooner than you think! While children do enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer months, they still like to have a little structure to their fun

Bucket Lists for Summer Fun

  “Bucket Lists for Summer Fun” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer What’s on your bucket list for this summer? Studies show that putting your goals in writing gives you an 80-85% chance of achieving them. Bucket lists are all about joy – doing the things that make you happy. As we move into summer, you may […]

Summer Schedule Tips

  “Summer Schedule Tips” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean you throw out all routine! People – especially children – thrive with routine and knowing what’s coming next. But how can you possibly organize your summer into something structured when it’s supposed to be relaxing and free-flowing? Here are some […]

Setting Up for Summer Learning

  “Setting Up for Summer Learning” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer If you’re going to homeschool this summer, you may find yourself feeling like you need an adjustment in your schoolroom. After all, you’ve been staring at the same tired decorations for a full year now and you may need something a bit more inspirational. Sometimes, […]

Summer Homeschooling

  “Summer Homeschooling” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer When you hear “summer break” do you cringe? Would you rather keep going without taking off for the entire summer? Don’t fret; you’re not alone. Plenty of other homeschoolers keep right on going through the summertime. Granted, summer doesn’t always look like the regular school year. Still, you […]

How to Homeschool While Living Overseas

How to Homeschool While Living Overseas Just like no two kids are alike, not every international school is created equal either. Some international schools may lack the religious convictions an expatriate  family (American family living overseas) is searching for. Or the school may have a twenty-three-kids-to-a-class ratio that you are uncomfortable with. Others may not provide the services we find in most U.S. public schools; like quality […]

Planning to Have a Boring Summer?

For many families, summertime means moving from structure and routine-filled days to…well… nothingness, which can cause chaos. You can keep this from happening by engaging in meaningful activities. Get started by having a clear-cut plan for summer learning.’s new book The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents can help!

Pack Your Bags

Join us at where we will explore, with a bent towards the educational aspects of family travel. Several times per week we give you tips and tricks for successful travel. Read articles about stretching your dollar by traveling in off-season. Learn about unique holidays, and how to celebrate them with travel. Investigate educational offerings in YOUR city and cities near you.