A Mom’s Tips for Homeschooling Elementary

July 27, 2021
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Guest post by Quantrilla Ard

When we decided to start planning our family, my husband and I did not see homeschooling in our future. We went about planning for our children’s education without a second thought to homeschool. But guess what? Life has a funny way of letting you know that plans can change suddenly, and you will often find yourself making pivots to ensure the best outcomes for your family. That is exactly what happened to us!

After some crucial changes in our children’s school, homeschool became the front and center choice for our family. I didn’t know much about it, but I had a great community of moms I could reach out to for advice and encouragement. We embarked on our journey two years ago, and we haven’t turned back since making that decision.


Homeschool had great appeal and was a perfect fit for our family. I am still not an expert, but I have gained so much insight even in this short amount of time. We began with two, elementary-aged children in different grades. This past year we added a kindergartener to the bunch for a total of three kiddos in three different grades, with one we would be teaching how to read! Whew! It has been challenging in a good and rewarding way. I have friends who have watched us homeschool who have now begun their own journeys and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Tips for Juggling Homeschooling Children of Different Ages

Whenever I am asked, I happily give tips on making homeschool elementary-aged children a stress-less experience. After a few weeks of searching, we decided on whole grade bundle workbooks for our homeschool curriculum. I enjoy sharing our love for using our Lifepac elementary homeschooling curriculum because of its flexibility to learn, regardless of the environment. Although we use a table, we are not stuck to it. My number one tip is to be flexible! Scheduling, curriculum, routine, all of it comes together when you are flexible.

My second tip is to have your child help you keep good accounts of your work! We use agendas so that the kids can have daily records of their progress. Easy peasy!

Additionally, make sure you have fun! We use the study help in the teacher guides for the subjects as well as things around the house to reinforce what we’ve learned. When my children are having fun, they are more willing to engage with their curriculum and remember what they have learned.

Next, remember that your homeschool is not a brick-and-mortar school at home. This tip is for your mental health and the mental health of your children. They don’t have to always sit still at the table. Explore outside or other locations for your day! My kids love going to the library (now that ours is open again), so we’ll change it up now and then.

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite tip is to do what works for your family. This is the ultimate goal for any homeschool family, regardless of how long or short your time together is. No comparison, no way. Each family’s journey will be unique, so be sure to give yourself space and grace to create something that reflects your values, experiences, and capacity. I hope these tips are helpful to you on your elementary homeschool journey!

This post was written by Quantrilla Ard and sponsored by AOP LIFEPAC.


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