Creating Your Homeschool Report Card

May 22, 2024
Written by:
Naomi White

Whether you are new to homeschooling or an old pro, you may be thinking about report cards. What purpose do they serve homeschoolers? Does your child need one? How do you make one? We’re here to help! Let’s take a minute to talk about report cards and why and how we use them.

The Purpose of a Report Card

The main purpose of schools creating report cards is to let parents know how their children are progressing in their studies. Since you already know that, as you are their teacher, do you even need to make a homeschool report card? The short answer is no.

Unless your child is in high school, they do not even need recorded grades, and some parents choose to opt out of the report-card-making process. Depending on your homeschooling method, you may not want to make grades front and center for your child’s education. Some parents have negative feelings associated with report cards from their past and don’t want to pass those along to a child who may be similarly struggling. If you’d rather not have homeschool report cards, you don’t have to do it.

Many parents do choose to create and keep homeschool report cards even though they aren’t a homeschool requirement for the benefits they provide. Whichever route you take, just do what’s right for your family. See? No panic necessary!

The Benefits of a Homeschool Report Card

So what are some benefits of having a homeschool report card for your child?

  • As your child’s teacher, you are responsible for keeping up with certain things. As much as I want to be a deeply organized person, it does not come easily to me…at all. I have discovered I am much more likely to succeed in that area if I have accountability. If you feel I’m describing you, a report card may be the way to go. While states may not require you to turn in grades, they do require attendance records, and your child will eventually need a high school transcript. Report cards are a good way for you to keep up with all the information, a good way to keep records to look back on one day, and they are good practice for when your child hits their high school days.
  • Did you know some businesses and companies give rewards and incentives for good grades on a report card? Your child can get free meals, ice cream, trading cards, and more, while you can get discounts on car insurance! This may be enough of a reason to whip up a report card! Check with your local craft and book stores to see if they offer homeschool discounts.
  • Some states allow for homeschooled students to play JV and Varsity sports at public schools. As you know, public school athletes are required to meet a minimum GPA. If this is something your child may be interested in, a report card is a must. Other states offer rec leagues that allow homeschooled students to play. Rec Leagues also check minimum GPA to make sure students are keeping their grades up.
  • If you have a goal-driven child, report cards are a great way to track their progress and let them see where they stand. It’s also something they can show off to grandparents and other family members. I personally always looked forward to getting my report card to see how my sister and I measured up. Though we were in different grades, we were quite competitive and it pushed us both to improve.

What a Typical Homeschool Report Card Could Look Like

If you choose to create a homeschool report card, it should include the following sections and information:

  • Heading – This will contain your child’s name, school year, grade level, and parental signature.
  • Subject List and Grade – As it sounds, this section lists the subjects your child has taken during that grading period and the grade received. There can also be an area for comments or feedback on progress.
  • Grading Scale – Add whatever grading scale you choose to use, letter grades and number grades.
  • Attendance Record – As this is an important item to record, adding this line for days attended is a helpful addition.
  • Final Comments and Signature – This component would be mostly for any final comments you want to make at the end of the school year and your signature.

Report Card for Homeschool


If you’ve decided you want to make and keep homeschool report cards for your homeschool student, we have this free report card template you can download, print, and begin using today!




Naomi White

Naomi White graduated with her B.S. in Christian Elementary Education and went on to earn her Early Childhood Education certification. She has taught preschool and elementary school in both Christian and public schools. She loves to read and write, is a pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom, and is eagerly awaiting the day her son is old enough for them to start their own homeschool journey. Originally a Georgia girl, Naomi currently lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with her family.