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SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Am I Qualified to Homeschool?

Are you worried about your ability to teach your children? Are you wondering "How Does Homeschooling Work?" Do you question whether you have the knowledge and skills? Are you worried that you…

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids

There is a crispness to the air as well as the leaves that are falling to the ground. Autumn is the perfect time of year to let the youngest of learners explore the world around them to learn…

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Teaching STEM in Homeschool in 2021

This post is sponsored by STEM has become a major buzzword in education over the last decade and it's now a big part of homeschooling curriculums. So, what does STEM stand for?…

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Homeschooling Over the Rainbow – Part 2

This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. If you haven’t yet read part one, you can read that here. Struggling at School So began the first heartbreaking year for my daughter, Bella, when…

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Our Favorite Fall Books to Read

Fall Picture Books for Young Children Even before children learn to read they can discover the wonderment of books, especially books illustrated about the autumn season. All the colors and shapes…

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

September Free Homeschool Printables

Can you believe it's already September, and actually fall? For some of us, it still feels like the middle of summer, but we're longing for the cool crisp mornings, falling leaves, and amazing…

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Tips for Homeschooling High School

Sponsored by Alpha Omega Publications Homeschooling high school students may seem daunting (yeah, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry are serious buzzkills) but I'm here to tell you that…

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Keeping Homeschool Kids Active & Healthy

Guest post by Heidi Rosenberg The emergence of the coronavirus had a devastating effect on so many activities worldwide. It was so bad that schools and offices had to shut down and everyone…

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Boosting Social and Emotional Skills

This post is sponsored by Quarto Classroom. There is a very distinct window for kids to develop key social and emotional learning skills, such as learning to make friends, acting selflessly,…

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Create a Martial Arts Experience at Home

Adding a martial art unit to your homeschool schedule will fulfill your child’s physical education requirements and it adds a ton of value to your child’s character development. Instead of…

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