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JULY 16, 2021

Using Evernote to Homeschool Children with ADHD

Guest post by Dianne Willis The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a new interest in alternative schooling arrangements, such as "pandemic pods" and virtual schools. Notably, a United States Census…

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JULY 15, 2021

Back to Homeschool DIY Lap Desk

When it comes to homeschooling, everyone does it differently. Some have a dedicated school room with tables or desks, and that is where everything gets done. Some do schoolwork at the dinner…

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JULY 9, 2021

Lobbying and Homeschool Rights

Politics is always a touchy subject. The political spectrum is vast and very few of us would land in the same spot. Because of this, some choose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore politics…

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JULY 8, 2021

Tools for Lesson Planning

Is lesson planning taking over your life? For many homeschoolers, lesson planning becomes that dreaded task we never look forward to doing. Sure, it makes teaching lessons easier but at what…

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JULY 7, 2021

Tips For a Safe “Fun in the Sun” Summer

Guest post by Stephanie Wilkins Summer is in full swing and kids are having the time of their lives outdoors. With all the outdoor fun comes the possibility of sunburn, dehydration, heat rash/foot…

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JULY 3, 2021

4 Secrets of Productive Homeschool Moms

Every mom has times where she feels she just can’t cope with the lengthy list of tasks she’s planned for the day: paying as much attention as possible to her child, doing the grocery shopping,…

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JUNE 30, 2021

Boost your Child’s Social Skills with Writing

  Writing isn’t only a skill that’s valued in academics and sought after by employers. It’s also an activity that can build a child’s skills and confidence. When students view…

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JUNE 29, 2021

Becoming a Reader in a Digital Age

This post is sponsored by The Learning Bar. The first stage of becoming a reader usually begins in kindergarten or grade 1. This is when children learn the relationships between letters and…

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JUNE 23, 2021

Utilizing Time4Learning for Afterschool & Homeschooling

This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. This is a story about helping a young girl reach her full potential. It’s about breaking down age and grade-level expectations, and, more importantly,…

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JUNE 15, 2021

 A Serendipitous Day of Homeschooling

Contributed by Crystal Esteves and her world schooling family, The Culture Trotters. I have always loved planning out unit studies. The idea of taking something as simple as an apple and sucking…

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