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APRIL 28, 2021

Leaving Corporate America to Become a Homeschool Mom

  This is a guest blog post from Laurie Brown of After years of watching my son come home from school each day in utter defeat, I realized something had to…

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APRIL 27, 2021

How to Use Storytelling to Improve Writing

This post is sponsored by Time4Writing. Once upon a time, homeschool parents overlooked a teaching strategy for writing… It’s easy to be so hyper-focused on preparing your children…

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APRIL 23, 2021

Homeschooling Students with Disabilities During COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to be a challenge for many people. Though the roll out of the vaccine is going well, and we are looking forward to the new normal, we are unlikely to return to familiar territory…

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APRIL 21, 2021

Time4Learning Helps a Grandmother Homeschool

This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. Mother, grandmother, home daycare provider, program director for an addiction treatment center, Sunday school teacher, youth pastor, and PTO president.…

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APRIL 19, 2021

Tips for Summer Homeschooling

Guest post by Kimberly Smith. Every summer, I am faced with this dilemma. Often throughout the years, I have had great intentions of keeping my children's skills moving forward, but after…

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APRIL 16, 2021

Autism Awareness Month: The Story of Temple Grandin

Are you homeschooling a child with autism? Autism has received a lot of media attention in recent years. Experts have come about with theories on what causes autism and how autistic individuals…

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APRIL 15, 2021

Girl Power vs. God’s Power

Faith-Based Christian Homeschooling contribution from Coach Judy   Three Ways to Plug into God’s Power “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians…

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APRIL 13, 2021

FAQ About Homeschool Road Schooling

Do you find yourself constantly driving your kids to co-ops, music lessons, field trips, sports, and more? Is your homeschooling time feeling restricted by all the time in the car?  This…

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APRIL 12, 2021

How to Bar Model with Any Homeschool Math Curriculum

Sponsored post by Numerica Math. What were your math classes like? Did you dislike math because you had a boring teacher who told you to memorize everything? Or did you like math because your…

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APRIL 6, 2021

Homeschooling From A Jewish Family’s Perspective

Guest author Bethany Shondark Mandel. Much to my confusion and chagrin, homeschooling isn’t very popular in the Jewish community. I think it’s a bit of the chicken and the egg situation:…

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