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OCTOBER 28, 2022

The Power of Enthusiasm in Your Homeschool

Sponsored post by Have you ever noticed how contagious enthusiasm can be? You’ve witnessed it before: Parents cheering their children on during sporting events, fans screaming…

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OCTOBER 26, 2022

Amusement Park Homeschool Days

Did you know that many amusement parks offer what they call "Homeschool Days"? Combined with lessons on amusement park physics, this can be a mostly educational family activity. As your children…

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OCTOBER 20, 2022

Prioritizing Homeschool Extracurriculars

One of the biggest concerns parents and students alike often have when it comes to homeschooling is extracurriculars. Your student isn’t going to be on the local public school sports team or…

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OCTOBER 17, 2022

Homeschool Insurance for Parents Made Simple

Guest post written by Grace Wigfield – NCG Insurance Agency Understand why homeschool groups need homeschool insurance coverage, what kind of coverage to get, and where to get it. Most homeschool…

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OCTOBER 17, 2022

Homeschooling: Unrealistic Expectations vs. Reality

When you started homeschooling did you imagine the perfect learning scenario? One where all your children wake up and start working on their homeschool lessons without being told? A homeschool…

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OCTOBER 15, 2022

How to Find Funding for Homeschooling

It's news to no one that costs for everything are on the rise these days, causing most of us to reevaluate budgets and cut expenses wherever we can. Unfortunately, some are having to rethink…

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OCTOBER 14, 2022

Teaching Martial Arts for Homeschool PE

Guest Post by Coach Jody Token The martial arts will accomplish the health-based and skills-based goals of your physical education requirements in your homeschool. Physical education, aka…

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OCTOBER 11, 2022

What If My Kid Hates Writing Part 1

Part 1 of a 3-part series on handwriting. Guest post by HollyonHandwriting If a student is ever to enjoy the writing process, getting words on paper must be easy and automatic. If it is not,…

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OCTOBER 6, 2022

October Free Homeschool Printables

October has finally arrived and fall is in full swing! While I know I am not alone, fall is my favorite season and the one I look forward to all year. The cooler days and evenings, changing…

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OCTOBER 5, 2022

Incorporating STEM Into Your Homeschool

This post is sponsored by Time4Learning. Join A2Z Homeschooling's Online Homeschool Stem Fair! Incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in your homeschool is becoming…

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