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OCTOBER 31, 2023

Fall Family Movies

When that first cool, crisp hint arrives in the air and the summer heat melts away for another year, many of us feel the itch to pull out the pumpkins, hoodies, blankets, fuzzy socks, and all…

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OCTOBER 25, 2023

Homeschooling with Learning Pods

Are you loving the flexibility and the ability to personalize learning to your child’s homeschooling needs? Many members of our community tell us that they are time and again amazed by the…

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OCTOBER 23, 2023

Pop Quiz – Will You Pass or Fail (part 2)

Read Pop Quiz (Part 1) here. Are we teaching our children the most important things? Well, we better know the answer to that question. In our current culture and especially in my state, there…

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OCTOBER 2, 2023

October Free Homeschool Printables

October has finally arrived and fall is in full swing! While I know I am not alone, fall is my favorite season and the one I look forward to all year. The cooler days and evenings, changing leaves,…

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Adding Life Skills to Your Homeschool Curriculum

This post is sponsored by When I first started homeschooling, I was always caught up in focusing on the core subjects. Sure, we did chores together and occasionally made…

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Solar Eclipse Homeschool Resources

The viewing of a solar eclipse is a rare and exciting occurrence. Because they are so rare, it is important to mark and emphasize them in your homeschool. Here is some information and resources…

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Pop Quiz – Will You Pass or Fail?

Years ago when I was writing articles for a military newspaper, I gained an appreciation for good headlines. Headlines grab our attention. They make us curious enough not only to read the article…

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All About Accreditation and Homeschool

If you homeschool or have been researching homeschooling, you may have seen the word “accreditation” mentioned frequently. So, if you’re wondering what it means, how it works, and why it’s…

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September Free Homeschool Printables

Can you believe it's already September, and actually fall? For some of us, it still feels like the middle of summer, but we're longing for the cool crisp mornings, falling leaves, and amazing…

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AUGUST 31, 2023

Will ChatGPT Affect Homeschool Education?

Expert educator Kim Langen – CEO and Founder of Spirit of Math – giving her take on AI and home school student learning. Recently I was asked to comment on the article by VENTUREBEAT:…

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