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18 June 5:12 am
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Using Visual Media to Enhance Your Homeschool Curriculum

With a homeschooling education, you have the ability to tailor a child’s education to the desired framework, and also to…

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16 May 5:24 am
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Three Tips to Get Your Kids Moving This Summer

Guest post by Jennifer Edmundson, Co-founder, Kenson Kids Every parent knows it can be a challenge to get and keep kids…

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14 May 6:32 am

Don’t Give Up! You Can Finish Strong

Is it June yet? Seriously - one more month of this homeschooling stuff and you’ll probably be ready to turn your parent…

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11 May 8:21 am

Comprehensive Field Trip Guide

Taking a field trip is the icing on the educational cake! Field trips give you and your students a chance to have a hands-on…

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10 May 3:21 pm
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4 Sizzling Summer Deals for Online Learning

4 Sizzling Summer Deals for Online Learning It’s time to finalize summer plans! Thinking of taking a trip or two? Signing…

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9 May 8:56 am

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Year-Round

Is it time for a break? Do you have it in you to homeschool year round? The answer to these questions depends on what makes…

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7 May 5:10 am

What’s All the Hype About Summer Slide?

During the summer months, kids can lose up to two months of academic gains. On average, students lose two months of reading…

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4 May 8:08 am

Cinco de Mayo Study Resources

History of Cinco de Mayo In 1861, Benito Juarez became president of Mexico. At that time, Mexico was financially unstable…

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3 May 12:18 pm

Spotlight On: Language Arts

Does the thought of homeschooling language arts make you cringe? For many parents, this is the one subject they either excel…

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