The Power of Enthusiasm in Your Homeschool

October 28, 2022
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Have you ever noticed how contagious enthusiasm can be? You’ve witnessed it before: Parents cheering their children on during sporting events, fans screaming for their favorite team, and teachers passionately conveying their message on a subject. Those who feel that enthusiasm and can witness its genuine power, feed off it.

You can harness the same power of that enthusiasm in your everyday homeschool classroom. It’s just a matter of believing in what you’re doing and how important your time with your children really is.

But what is a parent to do when things start to feel different? As the adage states, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Your enthusiasm will wane at times. That happens to every teacher, whether they are a homeschooler or a public school teacher. If you have trouble motivating yourself during the homeschool year, there are many ways you can rejuvenate yourself and your children. One of them is through socialization.

Using Socialization to Build Enthusiasm

Homeschooled children are afforded great socializing opportunities, and these occasions also help create enthusiasm for all involved – including you, the teacher and the parent. Here are some socialization opportunities that help boost everyone’s mood and enthusiasm.

Join a Homeschool Group

If you’ve never heard of support groups, homeschooling networks, or co-ops, they’re basically a group of homeschoolers that cooperate and work together to produce a caring and efficient learning environment. They also usually share the same or similar homeschooling philosophies.

Here are a few benefits of joining a homeschool group or co-op:

  • organized clubs such as math club, chess, robotics, etc.
  • curriculum and book exchanges
  • dedicated email loops or Facebook groups for sharing information
  • organized athletic opportunities
  • the opportunity to make new friends

Locating a group is as easy as doing an online search – but you may have to visit a few before finding one that meets your needs.

Go on Joint Field Trips   

Field trips are fun – and they’re educational. And when you go with a bunch of your homeschool friends, it helps build close bonds and memories. Homeschool Group Socialization

Annessa, a mother who homeschools two children, goes on joint field trips with her homeschool group. “We recently visited a local farm and a kennel for rescued animals. Our children did farmhand work such as milking a cow, cleaning horse stalls, and even learned the names of the animals. At the kennel, they learned all about rescue animals and wrote a report on their favorite animal, which included pictures. The trips really impacted them in a positive way and taught them how people care for animals. It was also great seeing them socialize and get so excited when they were doing the chores.”

Music Lessons and Sports Teams

Homeschooled children can join multiple sports teams (some states allow homeschoolers to join public school teams), or take music lessons. Sports teach children about rules, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Both music and sports teams also give your children a fun break from their daily homeschool routine. These activities provide an outlet that encourages creativity and mental toughness. They spur enthusiasm and give you a chance to watch your children as they perform.

Create Playdates

Homeschoolers all over the country schedule playdates with friends and family. It socializes your children and gets them excited about meeting with their friends. A playdate can be as simple as meeting another homeschooling family for a few hours at the park. The children enjoy themselves, and you get time for yourself with another adult. After all, you spend so much time with your children, a few hours with another adult swapping stories and sharing ideas can be refreshing.

Your passion for your children’s educational experience will naturally create an enthusiastic atmosphere as you progress through your homeschool journey. But just like any other emotion, enthusiasm will wane. That’s when you recharge your batteries and realize once again that what you are doing is a noble pursuit. Give it your all, and enjoy each moment and all the wonderful times with your children.


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