Top 10 Preschool Curriculum Options

March 7, 2024
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Courtney Newman

Do you have an eager little learner on your hands?  Indeed, if you have young children and you’ve decided to homeschool them, you may be wondering if you should use a Preschool curriculum.  For many parents, using a curriculum can help them relax a bit about teaching their child for the first time.

However, some people choose to nix a preschool curriculum entirely, considering the preschool age is all about fun and curiosity.  On the other hand, it can be a good idea to use a curriculum as a guide so your children have a foundational understanding of essential concepts before entering their kindergarten year.  In fact, if you feel like a preschool curriculum is best, we have several recommendations of our personal favorites to help you get started!

Our Top 10 Recommendations for Preschool Curriculum

Children benefit from an early education in nearly exponential ways.  In fact, preschool-aged children need stimuli, encouragement, and structure. We’ve all heard about how kids thrive off routine, and the same can be said for early education.  Especially, at this age, their minds are natural sponges — they absorb everything!How to Homeschool Preschool

A study has shown the very real differences between the success of adults who attended a preschool program as children versus those who did not.  With a preschool curriculum, we aim to replicate this experience at home. Correspondingly, what should you look for in a preschool curriculum? 

From experience, one of the most important aspects of a curriculum would be one that teaches skills through hands-on learning.  Most commonly, parents prefer preschool curricula that teach language and literacy and encourage reading/storytime, basic math skills, colors, and fine motor skills.  Whether you are looking for a Montessori style or Charlotte Mason, there are several great options available for your preschooler.

Oak Meadow Preschool Curriculum:

Oak Meadow’s preschool curriculum is all about creativity and imagination!  Theirs is a secular program that involves lots of playing, singing, walks, storytelling, and more. It is exciting, engaging, and affordable. Parents and kids alike are sure to love it. Read our preschool curriculum review for more information! (Spoiler alert: We LOVE it!!)

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum:

This preschool program encourages a pressure-free learning environment. Engage your child with classic children’s books, games, stories, and fairy tales! Further, Sonlight incorporates pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-science skills into their program, as well as opportunities to work on motor skills, listening, and cognitive abilities. Sonlight is also a Christian curriculum and consequently incorporates biblical lessons into its program.How to Teach Preschool

Mother Goose Time: 

Mother Goose offers a research-based preschool curriculum rooted in arts, music, logic, and hands-on learning!  Even more, each preschool kit provides everything you’ll need to enjoy the projects and activities at home.

Time4Learning Preschool:

As an award-winning preschool program, Time4Learning offers students an interactive, fully online experience. In fact, Time4Learning approaches preschool from the perspective that learning and play integrate naturally, and strive to provide a program that helps preschoolers learn through curiosity and fun.

My Father’s World Preschool Curriculum: 

My Father’s World approaches all of their curriculum levels from the holistic mindset that each subject connects; for example, that individual lessons don’t exist in a vacuum.  MFW combines a Christian classical approach with Charlotte Mason inspirations and hands-on learning through unit studies.

Winter Promise: 

This Charlotte Mason preschool curriculum offers a hands-on experience with zero prep!  The program covers every subject without busywork and includes a weekly planner and resources.


Horizons is a program offered by Alpha Omega Publications.  You may be familiar with AOP for their Monarch, LifePac, and Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum lines.  However, Horizons is a great option for a preschool program, due to the workbook style with hands-on activities for kids.

Suggested Products


BookShark’s complete-subject preschool package is comprehensive and all about preparing your child for kindergarten. In fact, this package comes fully planned and with 25 books to enjoy with your preschooler! Your child will begin to learn about the world, language skills, science, math, reading, and art.

A Year of Playing Skillfully:

This preschool curriculum is offered as either a printed book or an eBook.  And it is designed for children ages 3-7, so this could be a great option for including your kindergarten and early elementary children as well!  The learning opportunities presented in this curriculum address the development needs of young children, including all the main subjects as well as motor, social, emotional, and relational skills.

Before Five in a Row: 

The preschool curriculum here is separated into two parts: the units & books, and then the readiness activities.  Five in a Row focuses onPreschool Homeschooling utilizing everyday activities as learning opportunities for children, in addition to immersing them in wonderful children’s literature.

Extra Preschool Curriculum Options

  • Gentle + Classical Press:  Gentle + Classical Press is a perfect option for those looking to follow the Charlotte Mason/Classical/Unit Study approach to their homeschool. This method of teaching the “whole child” comes through beautifully in this curriculum.
  • The Good and the Beautiful: The Good and the Beautiful emphasizes literature, but also combines art, science, and math in this lovely and FREE curriculum that’s perfect for your preschool student.
  • Heart of Dakota: Their preschool curriculum, Little Hands to Heaven, is in the Charlotte Mason style and integrates Bible and Music, Fingerplays, Letter Activities, Art, Math, Dramatic Play, and Exploration.
  • Blossom and Root: This preschool curriculum is secular, nature-based, and hands-on. It’s an art program with integrated math concepts, science and nature study, and language arts with integrated geography
  • The Peaceful Preschool: The Peaceful Preschool is a literature and project-based curriculum for early learners. In fact, the 26-week program includes a weekly letter of the alphabet and a recipe to make with your little one to help make their first school experience fun and memorable!

10 Resources for Preschool Learning At Home

Now that you have a few Preschool curricula to consider, we want to share several resources for preparing to homeschool your preschooler.  In this list, you’ll find several helpful articles, tips, tricks, activities, and even a science experiment or two. Remember, the most important part of preschool is letting your children learn at their own pace while keeping the experience fun and pressure-free. After all, play is the work of childhood!

Not Sure How to Get Started?

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