Faith-Based Homeschooling

Discover resources for those who commit to Christian homeschool with a Biblical perspective.

Homeschooling has roots in the core belief that the responsibility of educating a child rests on the parent’s shoulders. Likewise, for those that desire Christian homeschooling or faith-based homeschooling, that core belief extends to the education itself. Especially with the knowledge that we impart to our children. In fact, the “what” and “why” we homeschool our children is just as important as the “how” and “when” for the teaching.

For many faith-based homeschoolers, to homeschool is to create an education that reflects, supports, and extends from their religious beliefs. The foundation and worldview of faith-based homeschooling have roots in the Word of God. In particular the source of foundational truth for living, learning, working, marriage, and rearing children. supports homeschoolers who choose to homeschool on the Word of God.

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Christian Homeschooling Tools

We encourage you to explore the extensive free Christian homeschool resources available on Find unit studies and printables. Also, use our Curriculum Finder tool! It can help you locate a Christian homeschool curriculum out of the thousands of available faith-based resources out there today.

Faith-Based Homeschooling

Find a place where you can find the advice and inspiration you need to do Christian homeschooling as well as help other homeschool families find their best homeschool journey! Join our community or join our volunteer team, either way, we want you to feel welcome and a part of

Every parent would agree, the blessings of parenting outweigh the daily challenges. In fact, the same is true for homeschooling! Challenges abound for those who homeschool, but ultimately the blessings outweigh the challenges. So this section is dedicated to helping the Christian homeschooler meet those daily challenges from a Christian perspective!

Christian Homeschooling or Faith-Based homeschooling

The decision to homeschool inextricably has roots in the core belief that the responsibility of educating a child rests on the parent’s shoulders. Likewise, as Christians that core belief extends to the education itself – the knowledge that they impart. For many Christian homeschoolers, the choice to homeschool also has roots in the mindset that the child’s education should reflect, support, and extend from their religious beliefs. The core of Christian homeschooling is the Word of God -the Bible, the source of foundational truth for living, working, marriage, and even rearing children. Join us as we share our best advice for using the Bible as our roadmap for Christian homeschooling!

Feel free to explore the Faith-Based resources at, many of which were created by Christian homeschool parents who have the same foundational view of education. These resources are here for all homeschoolers to use and benefit from with the hopes that these tools will help ease your homeschool endeavors.

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