DECEMBER 17, 2019

10 Mom-Approved Gift Ideas for Kids That’ll Arrive in Time!

In the whirlwind of setting up Christmas decorations, coming to grips with the fact that it’s almost the end of 2019, baking holiday goodies, and booking trips to visit relatives, somehow, it’s already mid-December.  Many of us can’t even drink our coffee while it’s hot without reheating it four times, and yet, we’re supposed to have plenty of gifts for all the children, husband, and relatives in a matter of two weeks?! You’re likely wondering where the month has gone and I’d say it’s a good guess that most parents are right there with you.

All I can say is thank GOODNESS for Amazon Prime – it ships quick and we don’t have to get out of the house!  Be sure to check back with our Original Gift Guide (click below) there are loads of last-minute gifts there that will ship in time too!

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10 Holiday Gifts Your Kids Will Love!

Some moms are super talented with arts and crafts and can just grab a few craft supplies and in half an hour have an amazing homemade gift.  These are incredible and thoughtful! …But that is definitely not my skill. I am, however, quite adept at Amazon searches, quality review audits, and online shopping as a whole.  Here are several last-minute online gifts that’ll still arrive by Christmas, if you order them now. You’re welcome!

  • Fort Building Kits for Kids. If your kids love building forts, they will have endless hours of fun with this kit!  One of the difficult parts of fort building is finding furniture for the fort framework.  This kit helps your kids build their own fort frame!
  • National Geographic Geode Kit. Do your kids love breaking open rocks and looking for crystals?  This kit makes it easy to enjoy geodes!
  • Gravity Maze Logic Game. If your kids enjoy STEM or you’d like to encourage logic, this gravity maze will help your kids develop spatial reasoning and planning skills while having fun!
  • Digital Video Camera for Kids. Nearly all children enjoy taking photos and especially videos!  With this video camera, they can have their very own to carry around.  It’s bound to bring lots of joy and entertain them for hours.
  • Inflatable Fort. It’s one thing for kids to build a fort (which is super fun itself) and another thing entirely to have an inflatable fort at their disposal!  I’m sure a lot of children would love inflating this in their living room or bedroom.
  • Crayola Picture Projector. How fun is this idea?!  Your children can draw pictures with dry erase markers on the screen and then project it onto the wall!  Since the pictures are erasable, children can reuse it endless times.
  • Smart Paper Writing Tablet + Stylus. This portable “magic” tablet allows your kids to draw, color, and write in multiple colors.  The tablet doesn’t require charging and is erasable for countless uses. It sounds perfect for running errands or for restaurants!
  • Jewelry Making Craft Kit. If your child loves making bracelets and necklaces, they would probably love this jewelry making kit.  The kit is filled with art supplies and comes in a case to keep everything organized!
  • Pretend Doctor Kit. Many children are interested in the idea of being a doctor or a veterinarian, so this kit is for them!  With bandages, a stethoscope, and more, your child can have fun pretending to be a doctor.
  • No-Sew Quilt Kit. For children interested in crafting or DIYs, introduce them to quilting with this easy no-sew quilt kit.  Simply demonstrate tying together the quilt squares, and in just a few steps, your child will be able to proudly say they made a quilt!

10 Resources for Gift Shopping this Holiday Season 

Even when you have a few great gift ideas in mind, sometimes you still need a nudge in the right direction.  For example, perhaps you’re shopping for your child and while some of our listed gifts got close to being perfect, they won’t quite work for whatever reason.  Sometimes, you just need a good gift guide to give you the exact inspiration you need! Here are ten of our favorite resources for your last-minute gift shopping needs.


  • Toddler Gift Guide.  While toddlers aren’t known for being particularly picky, most toddlers already have an incredible number of toys.  For the toddler who seems to have everything, it doesn’t hurt to look through a gift guide for new ideas.
  • Perfect Presents for Homeschooling Parents.  This gift guide is a brilliant idea!  Most people shop for the kids, but homeschooling parents enjoy presents as well.  Here are several genius ideas for the fellow homeschooler in your life.
  • Gift Guide for Men. I think most women would agree that men are extremely difficult to shop for.  In my opinion, most of it comes down to the specificity and higher prices of the products they enjoy.  While it is difficult, it’s not impossible! We hope these new ideas can help you find great last-minute gifts for him!
  • 22 Unique Gifts for Tween Girls.  Pre-teens are at a unique age.  They are more mature than most presents for kids 10 and under, but they aren’t teens yet either.  It can be hard to find the gifts they like!
  • Trending Gifts that Homeschool Teens Will Love.  Speaking of teens, if you find their desires ever-changing and a bit mysterious, you’re not alone.  Thankfully, there are several gift guides for keeping up on the latest trends that a lot of teens are enjoying this year!
  • Last-Minute Gifts for Mom. While you may find yourself passing this link onto your husband as hints for what you’d like, this will also work well as inspiration for your own mom!  There are a few fantastic last-minute gifts for her in this listing.
  • 42 Best Gifts for Dad. While men, in general, are difficult to shop for, dads are probably by far the most challenging!  Find inspiration for last-minute gifts for dad here.
  • STEM-Focused Gifts for Homeschoolers.  Whether your homeschoolers enjoy STEM subjects or it’s for another homeschooler you know, a STEM gift is a great idea!  Here are several STEM-themed gifts they are bound to love.
  • 21 Adorable Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas.  Last but not least, unless you are hosting Christmas yourself, we can’t forget a gift for our Christmas hostess/host this year!  Giving a small gift is always a kind gesture of appreciation for their efforts and time.


The holidays are a wonderful time for giving, encouragement, and sharing kindness.  It’s all about spending time together with our loved ones, teaching our children about the true meaning of the season, and reflecting.  It’s time to reach out to friends and neighbors and extend compassion. With this list of resources and last-minute Amazon gift ideas, we hope you have even more time available for enjoying the holidays with your family and friends.  From our home to yours, Happy Holidays!

Courtney Newman

Courtney Newman is a homeschool graduate, a writer, and a content marketer. Other than writing, her favorite hobbies include reading, visiting the beach, and spending time with her husband and pets.