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Extra Special Homeschooling

Wondering if you can really homeschool a special needs teen? Join Rebecca as she shares how she did it! Read more for practical tips and homeschooling advice.

The Seven Abilities Your Child Needs to Succeed

There are seven core skills that are central to school success for any child, whether home-schooled or otherwise. By building these skills in your child, you'll ensure that she has a solid foundation for school and for life. Today wants to share these skills and how you can use them to help your child break away from the pack!

Wings to Soar Homeschool Curriculum Review

Wings to Soar Online Academy helps struggling special needs students through online personalized learning programs. Learn more from reading our homeschool curriculum review here.

Math U See Homeschool Curriculum Review's Product Reviews Math U See Ages 3-8, 8-12, Teens, $20-$55   Math-U-See provides a firm foundation in mathematics for students of all aptitudes. The mastery-based approach allows students to move at their own pace whether they are naturally gifted in mathematics, struggle with mathematical concepts, or have special needs. The Math-U-See curriculum covers [...]

Newsletter 12: Large Homeschool Families

Planning summer learning for a special needs child comes with unique challenges along with so many opportunities for deep..... The expression "the more the merrier" rings especially true in the case of summer learning.

The How to Homeschool Guide

Wondering how to homeschool? Find homeschool help, homeschool tips, and how to get started homeschooling your child from experienced homeschoolers!

2022 Educational Website Awards

You voted on your favorite educational websites for homeschooling. Read on to find out who won and to discover new tools homeschoolers shared.