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Special Education Toolbox

Frequently Asked Questions about children with special needs. An informative article from Jean Munroe Lanman who has over thirty years experience with “special needs students”. She holds several teaching credentials and is a Learning Disability Specialist. Special Needs and Homeschooling – 8 Benefits Don’t be afraid to venture into homeschooling your special needs child. Many […]

Extra Special Homeschooling

Wondering if you can really homeschool a special needs teen? Join Rebecca as she shares how she did it! Read more for practical tips and homeschooling advice.

The Seven Abilities Your Child Needs to Succeed

There are seven core skills that are central to school success for any child, whether home-schooled or otherwise. By building these skills in your child, you'll ensure that she has a solid foundation for school and for life. Today wants to share these skills and how you can use them to help your child break away from the pack!

Regrouping After Homeschool Burnout

Are you feeling the dreaded Homeschool Burnout? Read to learn three things that can take you from feeling burnt out to having a renewed zeal in your homeschool.

Fall Crafts and Activities for Kids

Looking for fall crafts and activities for kids? Read on to discover some of our favorites that are sure to become your fall fun favorites as well.