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How to Teach Homeschool Science

Does your child think science is boring? With the right resources, you can bring science alive and it might even become a homeschool favorite! Learn how!

Summer Field Trip Ideas

Looking for educational field trip ideas this summer? Read on to find out some of our favorite cool field trip ideas!

Introducing the Culture Trotters

Wondering what it would be like to world school? Come along with The Esteves family as they share their world-schooling adventures as the Culture Trotters!

British History

Stobaugh’s British History is designed as a one-year course for High School level students and teaches from a Biblical perspective. Students will be strengthening their faith & Biblical worldview while learning how the rise of the British Empire influenced nearly every corner of the earth! Designed for independent learning from a classical approach, with an […]

Episode 25: Have You Listened to the Lies?

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER   Have you listened to the lies? Homeschooling lies that is! Today we’re talking about how easy it is to let our own minds and thoughts accuse us – and how we can stop the cycle! Join us! We all do it – we listen to […]