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Solar Eclipse Homeschool Resources

Is your homeschool student interested in science? Read here to learn about a solar eclipse and see what all learning opportunities they can provide!

Summer Learning Guide

Looking for fun summer learning activities to keep away the summer slide? Get your free tools for summer homeschooling here.

Weather Homeschool Unit Study

Learn more about the weather with our homeschool unit study! With loads of resources and a free 50-page homeschooling ebook, you'll be having weather fun in no time.

Forensic Science for Kids

Do you have a child interested in forensic science? Do they dream of being a detective and solving crimes? We've compiled this exciting list just for you!

Age of Exploration For Kids

Get an in-depth study on the Age of Exploration with links and resources for creating your own homeschool unit study for history or social studies.

Writing in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is a wonderful time to get creative with your writing lessons. Find out how to get your young writers excited and motivated about writing this winter.

Space & Astronomy Unit Study

Are you looking to ignite or further expand your child's interest in space exploration? Check out this free unit study, great for grades Prek-5! Let’s grab our telescopes and have some science fun together!

FAQ: Christian Homeschooling

If you are wondering about how Christian homeschooling works in a practical day to day manner, read this FAQ article with Ellen Gardner.