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The 3D Homeschool: Bring Your Science to Life

Science lessons are one of the best ways to get your kid’s nose out of the textbook and their hands firmly grasped around the wonders of the natural world. Read more for great ideas on bringing science to life in your homeschool!

Computer Science Explore STEM Careers

There were 1.2 million job openings for STEM careers in 2018 and not enough qualified graduates to fill them, which presents an excellent opportunity for STEM-interested homeschoolers!

Living Book Lists for Homeschool Science Study

As many homeschoolers enjoy a more Charlotte Mason-themed approach to homeschooling, we wanted to share with you our favorite picks for a Charlotte Mason science education. For all the subjects that I have collected living book lists for, math and science give me the most difficulty. My children tend to be difficult to please when […]

Tips For Homeschooling When Mom is Under the Weather

Why would I want to do school when I’m not feeling well? Shouldn’t I just take the day off and rest?  There’s no way I could stay focused. We’ll just make up the work later. I’m sure these statements are not new to you, my friend. I know there are days when I don’t want […]

Make Your Own Space Exploration Unit Study!

Space. The final frontier… or is it? The study of space, otherwise known as astronomy is a field of study that is nearly limitless. Scientists continually discover new and amazing things in the “great beyond.” And science careers are fascinating.  It’s a great opportunity, but one that starts when our children are young. Awakening an […]

Take the Hassle Out of Back-to-School Shopping!

August brings back-to-school curriculum shopping once again. Shopping for homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be a hassle! With the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, you can save up to 95% on award-winning homeschool curriculum. The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world’s largest homeschool co-op. The combined buying power of all of their members allows them to offer […]

4 Important Writing Skills To Master Before Middle School

Guest post sponsored by You know that feeling where you turn around twice, and your infant is suddenly walking and talking? Then you turn around again a couple times, and your toddler is writing letters and sounding out simple words? That phenomenon doesn’t end once your student is in the school years – – […]

Middle & High School Printables

Find Worksheets for Middle School & High School Homeschoolers You can always use a helping hand when homeschooling middle school and high school! In our homeschool printables, you’ll find useful worksheets, unit studies, record-keeping printables, and more!     General Homeschool Printables              Middle and High School Printables General Homeschooling […]

2017 Gift Guide By Age Group

This year, give your kids the gift of an astounding education! You can easily do this by providing them with toys and gifts that will support your educational goals. This gift guide has collected the best of the best in an effort to help you make the best choices possible.   Elementary Gift Guide: Mark-My-Time/Reading Time […]