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Science Unit Study Collection

Science presents the best opportunities for hands-on fun, experiments, and learning moments. Here are several free unit studies for these fascinating topics!

The Benefits of Unplugging More Often

Homeschooling is a courageous step that many parents and carers decide to take. It has its own benefits, such as having complete autonomy over what your kids are learning. However, it’s possible that you could start to rely heavily on technology to deliver daily lessons and keep your kids engaged. Although this isn’t a bad […]

Writing CAN Change the World!

This post sponsored by Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day! This Spring holiday is all about promoting eco-awareness and encouraging us to become more proactive in how well we care for our planet. Earth Day is also an excellent topic for writers. Why? Simply put, writers can learn about the environment […]

Homeschool Unit Study Resources

Unit studies are so popular amongst homeschoolers that they’re often in their own category of homeschooling styles. A homeschool unit study isn’t much different from any other unit study, though you may need to adjust activities to accommodate just one or two students instead of twenty. What Is a Unit Study? Unit studies explore a […]

Wander Joy Vacation Advisory

Samantha Joy Blair, the owner of Wander Joy Vacation Advisory contacted me about her vacation services.  She says quite a few homeschoolers use her services. Samantha states that Wander Joy aims to accomplish 3 main goals: #1 Create itineraries that are uniquely personalized to our clients, creative and one-of-a-kind. There will never be two itineraries […]

102 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Needing some ideas for things to do on summer break? Look no further! With 101 different options, you're sure to find some fun activities for your homeschooling family!