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  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    Arbor Day – TEN FREE TREES

      The Arbor Day Foundation has a Nature Explore Program for children, complete with a Families’ Club, and more. Although membership isn’t necessary, it only costs $10–and you receive TEN FREE TREES, in addition to The Tree Book, with planting and care information, the Arbor Day bimonthly newsletter, a membership card, and discounts on more […]     READ MORE >>

    Arbor Day – TEN FREE TREES
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Arbor Day is Tomorrow

    Everyone likes trees….and we all know we need trees.  But did you know the following? One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. U.S. Department of Agriculture There are between 60 and 200 million spaces […]     READ MORE >>

    Arbor Day is Tomorrow
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    Earth Day, Every Day

    What a great concept to instill in our children.  Yes, Earth Day is today, but it’s our responsibility EVERY day, to do what we can, to protect the Earth.  Choose actions that you and your family can continue throughout the year, whether it’s recycling, composting, donating unwanted items to charity or any of the ideas […]     READ MORE >>

    Earth Day, Every Day
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Earth Day is Tomorrow!

      Earth Day is tomorrow! And if you completely forgot about it–here are some quick links–it’s not too late!  :) Fun!   And fun learning is forever learning!     READ MORE >>

    Earth Day is Tomorrow!
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Monday, April 20, 2015

    Homeschool Fun – Earth Day Pancakes

      Earth Day Pancakes (Earth Day is April 22nd) This is a guest blog post written by Renae C.   Homeschool fun – start your kids off right for Earth Day by making these pancakes in the shape of the planet Earth! Simply take your favorite pancake mix (I like Krusteaz) and follow the directions. […]     READ MORE >>

    Homeschool Fun – Earth Day Pancakes
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    Earth Day Solar Cookies

    Earth Day Solar Cookies Experiment This is a Guest Blog Post Written by Aurora Lipper, Owner of Supercharged Science   Can you use the power of the sun without using fancy and expensive solar cells? You bet! We’re going to focus the incoming light down into a heat-absorbing box that will actually cook your food […]     READ MORE >>

    Earth Day Solar Cookies
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    A Scientific Cleanup – Earth Day

    A Scientific Cleanup – Earth Day is a comprehensive lesson plan for a group cleanup trip to a local beach, lake or stream. Learners keep track of the types and amounts of trash picked up and analyze this information. As a group, learners discuss the marine debris problem in their community and consider ways to […]     READ MORE >>

    A Scientific Cleanup – Earth Day

Welcome to Freebie February!
Please be patient while all the raffle-type listings load. It will be worth your wait!

BTW, if you're a homeschooler that shies away from social media, you can still enter the
raffle-type listings with just your e-mail address. We do need that though, so we can contact you if you win.

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Spring Break or Homeschool Burn Out? Brought to you by

"This is my advice about burnout: This homeschool lifestyle is all about endurance. Its about finishing the race. So don't set arbitrary deadlines. Make learning as fun as possible all year round if you can."

To read more, click below.

I'd Like To Read More!

Is this you? It's OK if it is!

March: We will see this through, by golly! Getting out of your pajamas by lunch is overrated, but at least the science experiments are done. The end is in sight now and brings with it a brief burst of stick-to-it-iveness.

April: Spring break week has a tendency to flow into a spring break couple of weeks...or month. We're just slogging along at this point. Its not pretty.

May: Panic. Every child that is 75% finished with their texts is declared good and done for the year. I remind myself that all my teacher friends say that they never finish more than 75-80% of a textbook and that is good enough for me at this point. We file away school papers and reports and I begin looking at curriculum for next year and a crazy thought goes through my mind:

Next year will be the year we finish every subject!

Click Here for this Freebie!

Funny article I found at!

"So many people have passed around Jen Hatmaker's hysterical article Worst End of School Year Mom Ever. It's a post that pretty much every Mom of school age children can relate to. But there's special fun if you get to be the teacher AND the Mom!"

I'd Like to Read the Article!

What GREAT end of school year advice do Product Testers have?

Enjoy what time you have left. Make it fun.

If you're not where you think you are supposed to be, don't sweat it. Your children are where they need to be.

Relax. If you're behind, focus on finishing the 3 R's. Everything else can wait.

Don't sweat it if you are not "done", that is the beauty of homeschooling, you do not have to follow a schedule.

Remember that the school kids don't finish the book either!

Take your time and enjoy the remainder of the year with your children.

Many year-rounders replied that they didn't have an end of the school year. Others said they did, but used the summer to tie up loose ends that they didn't finish in the regular school year.

The end of the year isn't the end of learning. Learning should be happening 365 days a year.

Ten Tips that will Keep Your Child Excited to Learn (even in May!)

Great tips from

I need a little motivation!

What Can a Slow Fade to the End of the School Year Look Like?

The short answer? Anything you want! And it can change from year-to-year. See what is doing!

Click Here to Read the Article

Online Tools for Homeschool Organization

A blog post about free appps and more to help with organization.

I'd Like a Little Help with Organization

5 Steps for Preparing for the End of a School Year, Brought to You by

"Hallelujah! The end is near! {Did I just say that?!} Yes, I did. Don't get me wrong, I love homeschooling, but near the end of the year burnout starts to set in."

To read more, click below.

FREE - Info on How to Create Homeschool Portfolios from

What exactly is a portfolio
What goes into a portfolio
Types of portfolios
Online and book resources about homeschool portfolios
Lesson 1: My First Portfolio
Lesson 2: It's Never Too Early (or Late!) To Begin Record Keeping!
Lesson 3: Organizing a Portfolio
Lesson 4: A Personal Portfolio
Lesson 5: Creating an Assessment Portfolio
Lesson 6: What is a Rubric?
Lesson 7: Creating a Digital Portfolio

I'd Like This!

Free Online Assessment Tests! Brought to you by

GREAT information from "an unschooler at heart"!

Free? Really?

End of Year Homeschool Questionnaire Printable (Student Reflection Questions)

You might want to complete an Adult End of Year Homeschool Questionnaire too!

"Not only is it time to reflect on some of the things that went well (or didn't), but its also time to take stock of what you need to do to get ready for next year. I'll jot down supplies we need, things I need to file, sort through, reorganize and thoughts I have about the units we'll do when we start back up again and so forth."

This Sounds Interesting!

Packing up the school year!

"I've been asked before if I keep all my children's work from year to year. My answer mercy, no!"

Find out what this homeschooling mom does keep. Brought to you by

I'm curious!

End-of-School-Year Activities (clean up and more)

These End-of-School-Year Activities will provide a good finish to this year and preparation for the next. Set aside time to do the necessary task of gathering, filing, and recording the year's schoolwork.

I Need to Read This!

How to Make an End of the Year Homeschool Assessment. Brought to you by

"Quick! Before you head off to the beach, take the time to make an assessment of your homeschool year.

I know how tempting it is to close the door on the homeschool room and try to forget the previous 9 months of your life, but honestly, you're missing out on something of great value if you do. Those same issues that you just want to shut the door on, will be there next year if you don't take some time to openly and honestly assess your previous homeschool year while it is still fresh in your memory."

I Should Probably Do This!

Fun End of School Count Down Ideas

The chain link count down is certainly cute! And easy!

Great Idea!

End of Year Awards and Homeschool Party

"Even though we will be schooling over the summer, I like the idea of having an end of year recognition, as we'll as taking a short break before starting our summer school. I hadn't really thought of when our next school year would officially begin since we are schooling year round, but Kyri seemed excited when I told her that she was officially done with Kindergarten and was now a first grader."

To read more, click below.

I Want an End of Year Party!

Five Ideas for Creating a Memorable End of Year Celebration. From

"You've worked hard. They've worked hard. And at last, the end of the school year is upon us! It's time to celebrate!!"

Click below for five ideas for creating a memorable end of year celebration.

Come On - Celebrate!

Make and Decorate a Celebratory End-of Year Cake?

Everyone likes cake! What will yours look like?

That Looks Cute!

How about some healthy treats to go along with that end-of-year cake?

They can be easy to make!


How to Let Summer Learning Happen, from

Summer refreshingly changes up our routine. We'll get exercise scootering and going to the pool. Our anchor of the day, afternoon quiet time, remains. We'll still be finishing up a few things, like some math and (with the older ones) our new Triple 1070 Biblical Personal Finance Curriculum."

To read more click below.

I'm Interested!

Want to Read Our Summer Magazine entitled Summer Fun - Summer Education?

It contains 19 fun and interesting articles!

I'd Like to Read It!

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