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  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Thursday, August 27, 2015

    Beyond the Classroom with Online Learning

      Did you know that K12 was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and sample their courses here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here!  We’re having an entire Back to Homeschool Event! Taking Students Beyond the Classroom with Online […]     READ MORE >>

    Beyond the Classroom with Online Learning
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Wednesday, August 26, 2015

    Homeschool Planet

    Did you know that  Homeschool Planet was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and a free trial for the product here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here!  We’re having an entire Back to Homeschool Event! Learn the Secret to […]     READ MORE >>

    Homeschool Planet
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    Acellus Academy

    The Power of Personalized Learning Acellus is the fastest growing learning system in America. Each subject is taught through video-based lessons featuring some of the most talented teachers in America. Acellus uses Deficiency Diagnostics to find the holes in a student’s understanding and customizes the instruction to fill the gaps in each student’s knowledge. Help […]     READ MORE >>

    Acellus Academy
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    Explore Everywhere Culinary Adventures

    Did you know that Explore Everywhere was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and learn more about their product here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here!  We’re having an entire Back to Homeschool Event!   Explore Everywhere Culinary Adventures As a […]     READ MORE >>

    Explore Everywhere Culinary Adventures
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Monday, August 24, 2015

    Problem Solved!

    This is a guest blog post by Problem Solved! Did you know that Problem Solved! was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and sample their product here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here! Learning Problem or Teaching Problem Does […]     READ MORE >>

    Problem Solved!
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Friday, August 21, 2015

    Quick – Before it’s Over is having a Back to Homeschool event…..but it’s almost over! Our Top Back to Homeschool Resource Awards include great products, curriculum, and websites. You can find the awards here, and free trials/additional information about the awarded products here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here! Back to Homeschool […]     READ MORE >>

    Quick – Before it’s Over
  • Homeschool Spotlight

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    3 Tips for Fall (Homeschool) Planning

    Did you know that was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and learn more about their product here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here!  We’re having an entire Back to Homeschool Event! Three Tips for Effective Fall (Homeschool) Planning […]     READ MORE >>

    3 Tips for Fall (Homeschool) Planning


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Wayne Kroeplin offers home school curriculum for students with the gifts (super-powers) of engineering, innovation, design and craftsmanship.

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Build:IT is a completely FREE resource that showcases the newest STEM technologies and utilizes video tutorials to help you build an actual game! Feel free to check out the new Build:IT App and our corresponding suite of standard aligned materials. Use Promo Code: STEMHOME

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Learn how to create your own web pages using the software you already have installed on your computer! This 45-minute video workshop will demonstrate exactly how students can create simple HTML pages with no prior programming experience.

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Courses are available in Spanish, French, Chinese and German, from elementary through Advanced Placement and can be taken as self-paced, independent study or with the guidance of a certified virtual world language teacher. Go behind the scenes in these videos to learn more about Middlebury Interactives online digital courses and how they are equipping students with tangible language skills on the path to becoming global citizens.

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Get a sneak peek at what Morning Star Academy's online Christian curriculum looks like.

Enroll and choose from over 140 Biblically based multi-media rich accredited online courses for PreK-12th Grade.

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WriteWell -Try it FREE Now!
WriteWell is a simple and effective online tool for writers in grades 4 through 12. WriteWell helps students produce clear and well organized essays by walking them through the writing process. Students write directly into WriteWell's innovative "write in chunks" interface and follow grade-appropriate supports that tell (and show) the student what to write in each paragraph. WriteWell offers content for a variety of writing genres and grade levels.

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Inspire your student with Science4Us, a K-2 online, science curriculum that builds solid foundational skills. Students are taught Physical science, Life science, Earth/Space science and Inquiry with over 350 online, animated activities as well as tons of offline material.

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Sample Math Lessons from, Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition was born out of 25 years of research at Stanford University. They provide adaptive, online K-12 courses in mathematics, language arts, science and computer programming. Their flagship product, Redbird Mathematics, features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning and won the 2015 Association of American Publishers award for best mathematics resource. You can see a sample math lesson, math game and STEM project when you click below.

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FREE -'s Back to Homeschool e-Magazine

It's time time to start gearing up for your family's new homeschool year. This Back to Homeschool issue contains 15 informational articles to help you organize and run your new year in a smooth (and fun) fashion. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

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Instructions for seeing the sample course:
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Check out K12 courses! Plus, get a 7 day FREE Trial to Embark12!

K12 is a leading provider of individual online courses from PreK 12, designed to strengthen core skills, recover credits, or accelerate studies. Providing both independent courses as well as courses supported by world-class K12 teachers, K12 offers hundreds of flexible, award-winning courses to support your child's education.

Embark12 is their pre-K program.

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FREE Writing Resources from Time4Writing!

Fun writing games, instructional videos, printable writing worksheets and other writing tools that are topic specific.

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Free - Back to Homeschool Mentor Moments!

We've interviewed over 20 experts in their field - homeschooling mentors whose advice can make your homeschooling easier, more productive, and more joyful!

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See Videos about Easy Grammar Systems

Check out video overviews for Easy Grammar Products. See how you can use their products in your homeschooling endeavors!

EASY GRAMMAR Teaching Texts
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Horizons Preschool for Three's from Alpha Omega Publications

Prepare your three-year-old for preschool with a program precisely designed to address your child's cognitive and spiritual development, pre-reading and numeracy skills, language acquisition, and school readiness. Featuring 40 weeks of lessons and activities presented in one student workbook, a workbook companion, a teacher's guide, and a brightly illustrated Bible story reader, Horizons Preschool for Three's gives students practice in language skills, as well as matching, sequencing, counting, and more.

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Engage your child with ALEKS, the online math program that personalizes every lesson, every day, to build math proficiency and confidence. With this Program Guide, learn how ALEKS fits easily into your homeschool family schedule with:

Complimentary Master Account access to monitor progress.

Adaptive instructional path to meet each child's needs.

Full course library for grades 3-12.

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Check out this sample Explore Everywhere lesson!

This lesson introduces hand drums from all over Africa. There are pictures of drums and links to background information about each on the All Around This World site, a link to a "Five Song Sing-along" video families can enjoy with their littler kids, a link to a video introducing a hands-on project ("How to Make a Simple Djembe"), a link to a "During Dinner" playlist consisting of hand-picked African drumming songs and many other goodies.

Explore Everywhere subscribers receive a lesson like this via e-mail every other day, and on the days between lessons they have access to new daily content on the All Around This World website.

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Pearson Education, the leading K-20 curriculum supplier to school districts across the nation, proudly presents Pearson Homeschool, created to help you develop a rich love of learning in your home.

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PetraLingua® Foreign Language Courses for Children 6-10

Don't forget to include foreign language in your homeschool program this year!

Explore this fun and efficient way to learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Russian!

The clear course structure makes it easy for you to plan your language learning sessions. No previous language knowledge required!

Available online and in langauage learning sets.

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Free Math, Reading and Language Arts Sample Lessons from Kirkwood Education Online

Kirkwood Education Online is an individualized preschool-elementary educational system developed over the past 40 years. Concepts are taught by video instruction and interactive lessons. Students are guided through seven levels of character growth. All records are accessible in real-time. Our mission is to enable every child to develop high academic skills and Christ-like character.

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Free Math Worksheet Website -

The website contains over 91 different math topics with over 1,127 unique worksheets. These math worksheets are randomly created by their math worksheet generators, so you have an endless supply of quality math worksheets at your disposal. These math worksheets are a great resource for K-12th Grade. The worksheets may be customized to fit your needs and may be printed immediately or saved for later use. They are delivered in a PDF format and include the answer keys.

FREE Chinese Learning Tools and Private Class Demo

Program Benefits:

Native and certified Chinese teachers through live online classroom
Challenging and fun lessons for aspiring young Chinese learners (K-12)
Full set of Chinese learning tools
And So much MORE!

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LOTS of FREE Coloring Pages and Printables from Doodles Ave!

This site offers worksheets created to aid children in learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, as well as well as providing opportunity for creativity!

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Free Printables/Worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets!

Although this is a subscription site (just $19.95/year for thousands of free printables), Super Teacher Worksheets offers free printables as well. Just click on the type of worksheets you're interested in, and see which ones are free of charge! Worksheets include math worksheets, spelling lists, reading comprehension passages, educational board games, graphic organizers, handwriting practice pages, educational card games, flashcards, manipulative teaching materials, and MORE!


Capitalizing on commonsense: plain and basic understanding of key economic concepts, this free

MOOC engages every learner! Are you passionate about economic issues affecting your life? Improve your understanding of our modern world with examples of economics in action using video clips, podcasts, readings, and practical assignments. Why do some economies grow while others stagnate?

FREE MOOC starting 9/21!

30 Days FREE Manage Your World with Homeschool Planet, brought to you by Homeschool Buyers Co-op

An online planner that brings you the power of a computer and the convenience of paper! Easy to use, full-featured to help you manage your school and your home.

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Free Trial to Standard Deviants Accelerate! For Grades 3 and Up.

For over 20 years, Standard Deviants has been the leading producer of top notch educational videos that teach you everything you need to know about a subject. They've taken their newest educational videos online and have added a ton of activities to create the perfect curriculum supplement, Standard Deviants Accelerate!

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Free PDF - Lesson Planning by Personality, Brought to You by

Learning GPS = Learning Guided by Passions and Strengths!

Kidzmet's proprietary Learning GPS has helped tens of thousands of parents, homeschoolers, and teachers around the globe map their kids' unique paths to success.

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Stay in touch with your community! is the leading online resource for parents who want to help their children develop and learn.

We do everything we can to make your homeschooling easier! We interview homeschoolers who are winning awards, writing best-sellers, getting scholarships, or creating successful businesses and pass their advice and insights on to you. Plus, we refer you to educational products and services that make your homeschooling easier.

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FREE - Build Literacy Skills - VocabularySpellingCity Website and App!

Word study doesn't have to be boring! Bring the fun and engagement of game-based learning to your children while they build literacy skills with vocabulary and spelling. Register for FREE for spelling and handwriting activities or purchase a premium membership to access 35 learning games including vocabulary, phonics and writing.

VocabularySpellingCity is listed as one of the Top 100 Educational Websites of 2015 by!

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Free Reading Skills Pyramid from

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Free from - Mp3 Song download with pdf printable finger puppets

Have fun counting to 10 with your preschoolers with this cute song and matching chipmunk finger puppets.

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