How to Homeschool High School Science

For years, we’ve been doing science, taking walks, examining leaves, dissecting flowers, raising butterflies… all of it intensely fun. Yet now, those fun science lessons are morphing into serious high school science. Let me tell you from experience, you don’t have to fear the rigors of a high school science course! High school science can still be fun and we’re here to help.

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Planning High School Science

First, you need to come to to terms with the fact that it’s okay for someone else to teach your children. There are necessary times when we as parents become co-learners with our children, because not everyone is a scientist! We can guide, direct, and monitor their education while they receive knowledge from another source. Thinking of high school science in this way should alleviate the stress of feeling that it’s all up to you.

Second, use a curriculum that makes learning science interesting and fun. The best ones that I have found to do this are the ones specifically written for homeschoolers.

Third, make up a schedule to help you high schooler know exactly how much they are to accomplish each week in order to finish by their chosen date.

Fourth, set aside a specific time to complete the science experiments within your curriculum. The lab is a vital component to giving your student a concrete foundation to key concepts. Some homeschoolers work on labs on Fridays or once a month for several days.

High School Science Curriculum Suggestions

For some of you, even with all the helpful hints possible the thought of going it alone still petrifies you. Don’t worry, there are many great homeschool curriculum resources that offer the complete package. These options either have courses on DVD, online, or in person, and they will instruct your student without any requirement on your behalf.

Here is a great list of resources to meet your homeschool science needs!

Level Curricula
9th Grade Supercharged Science
Easy Peasy All-in-One Curriculum
10th Grade MIT Open Courseware Biology
4-H Curriculum
Khan Academy Science
11th Grade Time4Learning
Supercharged Science
Common Sense Press
Khan Academy Science
12th Grade MIT Open Courseware
Academic Earth
Free Ivy League Courses


We have organized these all-in-one homeschool resource by grade, however, you can teach these in any order that suits your homeschooler.

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