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MAY 5, 2020
Guide to Homeschool Graduation!

You don’t know how it happened, but you blinked and you now have a high schooler standing before you. You take a moment to appreciate how they’ve nearly become an adult and your mind mentally…

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MAY 1, 2020
Free Joyful Homeschooling Book and Journal!

Our attitude can make or break our homeschooling day... This is why is sharing a free download of both the Joyful Homeschooling Book and the Joyful Homeschooling Journal with…

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MAY 1, 2020
Mother’s Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!

Mother’s Day is a precious time to celebrate the love mothers have given. Mothers are the lifeblood of our society. Often without acknowledgment, they sacrifice time, efforts, sleep, comfort…

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APRIL 29, 2020
Teaching Character Series: Honesty and Humility

Faith-Based Resource As parents, passing on good character to our children is a priority.  Even before starting a family, many of us recognize the benefits of encouraging traits of good character,…

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APRIL 27, 2020
5 Reasons to Use Portfolios in Your Homeschool

Homeschool portfolios are a great way to keep documentation of your student’s progress in one place. As you are getting started homeschooling, however, it can be challenging to know what should…

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APRIL 24, 2020
How to Teach Homeschool Social Studies

If you are new to homeschooling, you may find yourself wondering how to teach social studies. After all, aren’t social studies traditionally taught in classroom environments with group projects…

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APRIL 23, 2020
How to Teach Homeschool Music Lessons

Music is a wonderful outlet for children and adults alike. Learning how to play an instrument or sing has proven benefits for students, and can enhance their skills in other subjects. Not every…

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APRIL 20, 2020
How to Use Project-Based Learning in Your Homeschool

As homeschoolers, we are all about making the learning process as authentic and applicable to real-world issues as much as possible for our children. With that in mind, we want to raise independent…

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APRIL 17, 2020
Homeschool Help Printable Pack

These days, it is difficult to keep anything organized or from falling into chaos, and that definitely includes homeschool schedules and assignments. Getting started with homeschooling is even…

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APRIL 16, 2020
How to Teach Homeschool Art

Studying art is something homeschoolers may find difficult. After all, an art study requires supplies, resources, and creativity. If you are a budget homeschooler or you don’t feel artistic,…

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