10 Tips for Raising Daughters

August 1, 2020
Written by:
Guest Author

We’ve all heard – “That’s not ladylike!” or “Little girls shouldn’t behave like that.” Teaching girls to be strong yet embrace their femininity is not easy! There’s no doubt about it – raising daughters just isn’t the same as raising sons. Here are some great tips for raising that special little lady in your home:


  1. Make sure your daughter knows she’s well-loved.
  2. Help your daughter to love what she’s got and learn to work with it.
  3. Teach your daughter that physical features aren’t the definition of beauty – that what’s inside is what really matters.
  4. Guide your daughter in the appropriate ways of defending herself both physically and verbally.
  5. Encourage your daughter to be strong and confident instead of inhibited by her failures.
  6. Teach your daughter to never text/email inappropriate pictures of herself–ever.
  7. Never allow your daughter to wear suggestive clothing.
  8. Avoid mainstream “teeny bopper” magazines for your daughter.
  9. Strongly encourage your daughter to pursue her dreams whether that involves higher education, technical training, or one day being a mommy!
  10. Teach your daughter that she’s never anyone else’s property.


Whether your daughter is the only girl in a household of boys or blends well amidst a sea of sisters, it’s important that she knows her worth!

Encouraging Our Girls to Be Strong Leaders

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