Making Summer a “No Summer Slide” Zone

May 26, 2017
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Making Summer a “No Summer Slide” Zone

If you are a parent of a school age child then you know that summertime is when children lose much of the knowledge that teachers, whether they are the parents in the home or outside in the public school arena, have taught the fall before. Since this is a problem that we all aware of and want to avoid I suggest that we create a “No Summer Slide” Zone with our children’s learning this summer.  This would be a zone where checking out and not being present wouldn’t be an option. Instead, children and the adults in their sphere vow to have some fun and do some learning in the three months that there is no school.

Now don’t worry, I have desire to challenge you to the “No Summer Slide” Zone with Learning and not give you some reference material to get you through. The internet is full of ideas to make learning fun. You can play education games online, print out games, and Youtube is a great place to see some awesome science experiments put together and then run your own science lab.

But let’s not get lost in the compute all day… get a child involved in a fun activity and you can introduce different learning situations. The great thing is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Our  new book  The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents. How to Create a Summer of Wonder, Discovery and Fun! holds lots of great ideas for making sure you stay in the “No Summer Slide” Zone.  The author, Rebecca Kochenderfer, gives us some fundamental points about summer learning:

  • Keep it fun!
  • Create innovative environments and schedules that inspire learning and creativity.
  • Let your kids be the primary architects of their own summer learning plan.
  • Have many resources on hand
  • Go outside – often!

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