101 Things To Do This Summer? Or MORE?

May 16, 2017
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Summertime, as we think ahead to happy days full of fun and leisure as we fill our time with sleeping in, family games, happy children all being a part of this summer time dream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take too many of those happy, fulfilled days to turn our idyllic summertime thoughts towards boredom and kids fighting over the remote for the television.  What is a parent to do? Well, we have a perfect list of “101 Things To Do This Summer” in our new book The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents: How to Create a Summer of Wonder, Discovery and Fun! 

And you can see our past lists here.

We’ve had our 101 lists for many years.  This year, we thought we might want to expand it! What a better way to expand this list than to use some of the great thought potential of our Homeschool.com readership.  So, we’d like to know – what are your ideas for summertime activities?  Maybe we’ll add a #102, #103, or even more!

FYI – some activities that have already been shared are:

  • “On really hot days (and cold ones too) I like to fill up the tub with water, bubbles and toys. I’ve also let my kids play in the tub with washable markers and no water. The novelty of being in the tub with clothes on and no water is fun for them.” – Alison B., New York
  • “When it is a scorcher out there, we get out early in the morning to play. We come in for the warmest parts of the day and then go outdoors again when it is cooler. We really enjoy going to the creek, a local lake or the local pool to swim with friends. Another favorite thing to do is a meandering hike through the park near our home where there is shade and several large rocks to climb.” – Leora V., Virginia

You can leave your comments/ideas below.  Thank you!  🙂