OCTOBER 25, 2019

Science Unit Studies + Printables: Astronomy, Earth Science, Nuclear Science, and Chemistry

We love science here at Homeschool.com!  It’s a bit of a shame that so many people dislike science due to it feeling overly complicated, dry, and boring.  Too often, science is limited to stuffy textbooks and memorized vocabulary. In actuality, science is so much more, and it should be filled with excitement!  Science study probably presents the best opportunities for hands-on fun, experiments, and learning moments. With science, we can read about theories, and then mix a few ingredients and actually see the explosive or startling results.  Science is one of the rare subjects that visually and physically demonstrate what students have studied, rather than being limited to theories, rules, lessons, and books alone.

To celebrate multiple science week celebrations in October, we have put together four massive unit studies to delve into these fascinating topics!

Astronomy Unit Study + Printables  

Our first unit study is in celebration of World Space Week!  This week is an annual worldwide event, occurring October 4th – 10th.  Each year celebrates humankind’s space achievements and works toward new discoveries and practical applications of future space realities.  World Space Week began in recognition of Sputnik’s launch on October 4, 1957, the world’s first human-made satellite, as well as the effective date of the Outer Space Treaty ten years later on October 10, 1967.

Aerospace engineering has come leaps and bounds over the years, evidenced by the incredible fact that spaceships have visited every planet in our solar system!  World Space Week is the perfect time to learn more about NASA, the importance of astronomy, uncovering the lesser-known achievements in space history, and the potential future of space discovery.  We have covered each of these points in our unit study, in addition to the history of World Space Week, astronomy activities for kids, and printables for flashcards, puzzles, and more. This unit study will help your students learn all about how astronomy affects the earth, and it could even be the perfect opportunity for a field trip — perhaps to the Air and Space Museum or the Kennedy Space Center!

World Space Week unit study

Earth Science Unit Study + Printables

What better time to explore a unit study on Earth science than for Earth Science Week?  Though this week was originally established in the United States, it is recognized as a worldwide event.  Each year, scientists, teachers, researchers, and students come together to understand the importance of earth science, the practical effects of earth science in our everyday lives, and the need for continued research and support in the Geoscience fields and industries.  Though Earth science is often brushed off as merely geology and rock collections, it extends to so much more. Earth Science Week is dedicated to helping raise public awareness of how earth science affects all of us!

Earth science is a combination of life science and physical science with multiple branches: oceanography, astronomy, meteorology, and geology!  With our unit study, you’ll find loads of resources for an in-depth earth science study, as well as potential inspiration for continued research.  Have fun with shocking science experiments and hands-on projects, learn amazing earth facts, and apply your newly-learned knowledge with our free printables!  We’ve created puzzles, games, flashcards, and more. Earth science is all about pushing the boundaries and seeing how to create a sustainable future for our tomorrows — which makes it the perfect study for innovative homeschoolers!

Nuclear Science Unit Study + Printables

Nuclear science is a bit of a mystery, isn’t it?  We’ve all heard about nuclear energy and nuclear function, but what does the term “nuclear” actually refer to, and why does it matter?  Every third week of October is recognized globally as Nuclear Science Week, and its goal is to help the public find answers to these questions!  Each year, scientists and educators alike gather to teach about the importance of nuclear science and the future possibilities of research. For example, nuclear science has given us solar energy as an electricity source, as well as technology that has revolutionized the medical field: X-rays, CT scans, mammography, and more.

Nuclear science has led to incredible discoveries in our world, but not without risks.  How big are these risks — and are they worth it? In our unit study, we discuss this topic, as well as explore all the known benefits of nuclear science and the possibilities of where physics and nuclear research are headed in the future.  You’ll learn about the history of Nuclear Science Week, read about fun facts, STEM experiments, and as always, enjoy our free printables for puzzles, worksheets, and even a nuclear science-themed book report!

Chemistry Unit Study + Printables

Chemistry is one of those subjects that people either love or hate.  Usually, these preferences are the result of how the chemistry study was approached, and whether or not students grasped a solid understanding of the complicated formulas and math.  However, with a different technique and a focus on exciting experiments and hands-on opportunities, mastering chemistry can be exciting for everyone. After all, chemistry is the explanation of literally everything that exists and occurs in our world (and outer space!).  

For National Chemistry Week, we created a unit study to explore the importance of learning about chemistry, the various ways our world has benefited from biochemistry research, and especially, the practical impacts of chemistry in our daily lives.  Those practical impacts are probably the most important to include; after all, those real, visual results are the inspiring moments that often motivate individuals to pursue chemistry both personally and professionally. As always with our unit studies, we have included several free printables to apply new concepts directly to worksheets and games!

Chemistry Homeschool Unit Study with Printables

In the end, our goal with these four comprehensive unit studies is to hopefully encourage your students to take an interest in any branch of science.  We hope your homeschooling family can have fun with these activities and projects, and enjoy the wonder of these discoveries. Thanks to countless scientists and researchers, our world has been transformed for the better and is constantly improving in technology, medicine, and more.  If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that these discoveries and improvements require novel thinking processes, which makes it an excellent field for creative homeschoolers!

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