Internship Opportunities

July 6, 2010
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Is your high school student wavering about their career ideas for the future?

At this age, the possibilities abound for a very bright future for your teen. Now is a great time for them to explore their various interests. There may be a way for your students to try out these interests in a hands-on manner to help out with their decision making. An internship is a great way to let your teen “get their feet wet” in the profession of their choice. If your student struggles with determining what they would like to do in the future they might consider first taking an online interest and skills assessment test.

Oftentimes college is the next step after graduating from high school. Knowing for sure what you will be majoring in will save your student a lot of time, effort, and also money. Some internships also have the potential to allow your student to get college credits while working in a field that interests them. What better way to discover what your student will decide to major in, than by them trying out an internship?

What is an internship?

An internship usually involves a short-term job where a student can attain introductory experience and skills in a particular profession or field of study. A student works for an organization to acquire this hands-on practice. Often, it is an unpaid position or the pay is minimal. The knowledge gained from an internship could prove to be invaluable to your student. Here are a dozen career internships ideas to explore:


  • BRAINYAC– Connects high school students with scientists and laboratory experience.


  • NASA Internships– Perfect for students interested in space and aerodynamics





The internships listed here are just the tip of the iceberg of available opportunities. Another idea would be to search locally in your student’s field of interest. This is a very exciting time in the life of your child and internship might be the first step toward achieving lifelong success.