Are you homeschooling through the summer?

June 15, 2017
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We asked our readers, “Are you homeschooling through the summer?”

We’ve included their responses below –

Shannon – I will be. Why stop learning/teaching just because the school system does? That’s why (in my opinion) so much of the beginning of each school year has to be used on reviewing and sometimes relearning what was taught/learned the year before. I know teachers need a break, but I teach my son on a daily basis whether it’s school work or not, so why not keep it going…life doesn’t have to get in the way… you can still take vacations and whatever else around your homeschooling.

Amber – We will be doing it year-round because none of us are good at routine — I think if we stopped everyone would have a really bumpy beginning. It is just part of their day, so I don’t think they will even notice it is “summer” break time.

Robyn – We are starting this year. What else is there to do when it’s over 100 degrees outside?  lol. We work 3 days a week year round and co-op on Mondays.

Jennifer – I’m thinking we will, mainly to stay with a routine and to start to integrate my youngest into “class” time as well. Plus, like Robyn said, what else is there to do when it’s 100 + degrees outside!

Nikki – Yes, we do – although we only focus on reading and math during the really warm days. It helps maintain and improve their skills so they don’t start forgetting and slip backwards over summer break.

Gretchen – We do. Though we take frequent mini vacations and we reduce the amount of learning activities in each day. That gives us plenty of time to enjoy typical summer fun and still progress with learning.

CaroyPepe – I take a week off every 8 weeks of work.

Angel – We are beginning to. It’s just so much a part of our lifestyle it feels awkward and unnatural to just up and stop. Besides, who says you can’t homeschool and enjoy the weather at the same time?

Cara – Yes, we do, but we take June off to enjoy summer before it gets too hot. It’s nice to take breaks throughout the year…helps keep us from getting burnt out and also we don’t forget everything and have to start over again after such a long break.

Amanda – Nope, but we do not follow the regular school year either. My kids don’t like the heat so they get some time off in fall/winter when they actually go outside and play.

Amy – We do, but my kids are kinda nerdy and like to learn stuff. So we change up the curriculum and keep going.

Rachel – I will be (we’re at the tail end of our first year). As a former teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how 2-3 months of inactivity can damage a child’s learning processes and retention. There doesn’t need to be structured lessons every day, but learning and reinforcement of skills should continue.

Kim – In Minnesota we have 3-4 months of really nice outdoor weather. We need to spend it outside enjoying summer!

Are YOU homeschooling through the summer?  Please let us know below, or on Facebook!