Crush Weekend Boredom with 8 Fun Kid Activities

November 25, 2020
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In this age of digitization, social media, and full schedules, boredom is something that you’d think we wouldn’t experience. Yet, children are always wanting a challenge and even more so on the weekends! This is the perfect time to do kid activities together as a family! Don’t waste your time with boredom, try these 8 ideas to make memories and engage the kids this weekend!


Take Care of Indoor PlantsCrush Boredom by Taking Care of Plants

Every parent wants to spend time with their kids, and simultaneously watch them accomplish things and get independent. Taking care of a plant instills such a sense of accomplishment. Weekends are a great time for plant and growing lessons since there is more time. The very act of planting a seedling and caring for it until it blooms into a fully-grown plant can be very fulfilling. You should get some plants that are easy to take care of and you can relate to. You will be surprised by how much fun a child can have nurturing them. Besides, indoor plants help to remove toxins from the air, thus cleaning the air. (There’s a fun science lesson in itself!) In addition, being around greenery helps calm the mind and relieves stress. And, plants simply make a cozy addition to any room. If you don’t have sufficient natural light indoors, you can always supplement it with an LED Grow Light. This one is made with all plants’ lighting needs in mind; your plants will thrive as though they are outside growing under the sun.

 Read or Listen to a Book

Books have a good way of evoking the child’s imagination and nurture their brains with interesting and new stuff which in turn improves their creativity. In addition, they help build vocabulary and increase general knowledge. There are lots of books that are suitable for kids that help them widen their imagination and enhance their thinking. This can be a kid activity, where you can give them something fun to read and then make a competition to test their knowledge. Reach out for a book the next time that your kids get bored and facilitate a learning environment. If your kids are still a young age and can not read, then read alouds are always a fun way to pass the time.

Keep a Journal

Journaling provides a way of expressing your thoughts or jotting down your life experiences as you reminisce on your journey. Being a parent, helping our children express themselves is very important. For them, keeping a journal and writing things about their daily activities, can help them deal better with their surroundings. Everyone has a story to tell, and there are curious ears out there waiting to listen. Help them turn their journals into blog posts which they can share and simply feel good about it.

Solve PuzzlesCrush Boredom with Puzzles

Figuring out a puzzle up to the last piece has a way of making us feel accomplished. In addition, this activity is a great way to work our children’s minds and improve their problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Even crossword puzzles or word search puzzles are perfect for this! Motivate them with a challenge by turning it into a competition which will make it more fun.

Learn a New Language

The world is slowly becoming a small global village with technology. You might as well encourage your child to become bi-lingual and have them learn a new language. You will find this kid activity exciting as you learn new words each day and start forming some sentences. If you are planning to send them to college elsewhere, this can come quite in handy as it will prepare them for the new culture.

Paint the Walls

If you have been planning to repaint your walls, you don’t need a contractor to get that job done for you. This kid activity can kill your boredom with a brush and paint as you bring out your creativity on the walls. What’s more, it can also be quite fun. Buy the necessary equipment for you and your kids and start working on them together. Start choosing the colors that you want and purchase the supplies. Your walls will appreciate a new coat of paint or you can engage them in other easy, hands-on tasks, such as putting new furniture together, or integrating ready to assemble cabinets in the kitchen. This might not seem like the most fun activity to do, but the end result is always gratifying. Not to mention you’re teaching your kiddos life skills to use in the future!

Tour the World Virtually

Traveling the world is always exciting. Unfortunately, it’s not all the time that you get the opportunity to get on a plane and travel to your favorite destination, especially when you are a parent and have obligations. However, that is not to say that you should give up on your dream altogether. Take yourself and the kids on a virtual tour around the world on Google earth. Learn about the people, the culture, and the food at the comfort of your homeschool. To make that as real as possible and not let any noise distract you, make sure you also soundproof your room. Finally, you can tie this experience to what you are studying in history and geography! Have the kid write a paper or create an authentic craft, or even make cultural food as a project.


Start a Challenge on Social Media

You have probably seen some challenges on social media and maybe have participated in one. How about starting one to bring your loved ones together? You can start a pushup challenge to raise awareness on a certain topic. You will find it exciting as more and more people join, and as you read the conversation that it has sparked. In addition, you will feel accomplished that you started something that ended up successful.

Don’t let the holidays or the weekends make you and the kids crazy with boredom. We all know we start getting on each other’s nerves when we sit around with nothing to do. Add in some planned activities and you’ll make new memories and avoid making each other crazy!

This article was contributed by Heidi Rosenberg.