Finding My Perfect Fit Curriculum

September 25, 2018
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Guest Author

I have three children who are homeschooling. We tried a myriad of programs before finding one that suited all three with their various learning styles. appealed to each child’s method of learning, one price for the entire family.

Initially, I signed up for a free trial, along with a few other online programs. The architect of, Blaise Subbiondo, called me offering to walk me through the program. I assumed he was a salesperson trying to manipulate. I could not have been more wrong. Etap does not use salespeople to market, it relies on word of mouth by users who see the excellence of the program. I found Etap to be less expensive than most any other program. The quality is A+. Blaise has a passion and commitment to helping the next generation succeed in learning.

I am so glad I gave Blaise five minutes of my time to discuss this program. is an online program. Learning takes place in a variety of ways. My oldest son logs on, reads the material, takes the test, prints it up, and moves on with the next subject. I suspected he was not learning the material, but after quizzing him, found he was learning and retaining the information. He liked having each lesson laid out so he could easily access this on his own. The test is printed, then saved in a three-ring binder by the parent as record of what has been learned.

My second born likes to look around and explore in her learning. She will do some of the assigned reading, then go onto the links accompanying each lesson. I found all three children watching a history lesson on youtube (one of the links) they were riveted. She is butterfly-like in her style of learning, absorbing information written and from links in her joyful meandering way. She is also doing well on the post-test, and enjoys learning and retaining what she learns with Etap.

My third born likes to try things out with his hands. He learned how circuits work using one of the links attached to the lesson for the day. Again all three children ended up involved, spending time setting up circuits with this interactive program. Later my youngest found materials to create his own circuit with materials around the house, using what he learned on Etap.

Blaise is wonderful in helping a parent/teacher navigate the site. I’d recommend the free trial, during this time talking to Blaise about how to best use Etap. His advice on Math has helped my two oldest go from crash and burn to finding success in learning. Their test scores are up too.

Etap covers all major subjects K through 12. Also includes help preparing for GED and SAT testing. Etap is a Godsend for our family. All three children for one price for the program. If we are stuck on a subject…we can always log onto Etap and find something wonderful to learn.

by Jeannie Freytag (MN)