15 Fun Kid Activities for Father’s Day

June 10, 2021
Written by:
Joy Capps

It’s almost Father’s Day! Before you panic and go run to the store for something dad most likely doesn’t want or need take a look at this list of activities for kids to do with their dad. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to make dad feel special and appreciated. Some of the best father’s day stuff can be in the form of activities done as a family. Memories last forever when families spend quality time together. 

Kid Activities for Father’s Day

Take a Hike- Even if you are still social distancing exploring the great outdoors with your family is always an adventure. You might even look into geocaching or letterboxing as a fun activity for the entire family. 

Go Fishing- Maybe a day fishing is just what dad needs. Pack up the tackle box and a few fishing rods and make a day of it. 

Play Catch or Kick the Ball Around– Are you staying home together for the day? Dig out a football or baseball for a family game or even just play catch. If soccer is your family’s idea of fun, kick the ball around!

Visit a Historic Site– With this one, a lot will depend on your state’s regulations but many state parks are open. This often includes some great historical sites for you history buffs.

Go For a Bike Ride- Does your city have rails to trails near it? These can be fun even for younger riders as they tend to be smooth paths with very little incline. The views are an added bonus!

Create Something- Great family memories can be made by making something with dad. Which brings us to our next related idea-

Movie Night- This will most likely take some help from dad but a homemade outside movie screen would be something that could be enjoyed all summer long! 

Have a Backyard Picnic– What are some of dad’s favorite things to eat? Pack them all up and have an enjoyable picnic in your own backyard! Follow that up with something else from this list.

Go Camping…in your own backyard! Who says to go camping you have to travel far away? Pitch a tent in your yard and build a campfire! This would be a great time to also learn some survival skills with dad. 

Family Game Night- Most homeschoolers have a closet full of board games. Find some of dad’s favorite games, make some popcorn and an ice cream float, and prepare for a night of fun. 

Float Down a River– Does your family have some canoes or kayaks or even a fishing boat? Head out to the river or lake. If your family does not have a vessel it can also be a lot of fun to go tubing down the river. 

Put on a Show For Dad– Maybe you are a family that includes musicians or actors? Putting on a Father’s Day show for dad is bound to be a memorable experience. For added entertainment, video it for memories in years to come!

Play Video Games– If dad loves playing video games, join him for a couple of hours of Mario Kart or Fortnite. Make an afternoon of it and include some of dad’s favorite beverages and snacks!

Craft Together-Is dad artsy? An art project done together might be fun. Maybe something fun created for the yard? 

Just Do What Dad Enjoys! Yes, gifts can be nice but another good idea would be to ask dad what HE would like to do for father’s day. Let him know how much he is appreciated and join him in his favorite activity (maybe it’s one already listed!) and enjoy the day with your dad. The gift of time is priceless!


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