Fun Ways to Help Your Child with Spelling

December 22, 2021
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Have you tried to build engaging spelling assignments and tests that help keep yourPower Spelling Learning Games children focused? We’ve built a platform that provides the tests in a way that is engaging and fun for the students. Thanks to gamification (education through gaming and game concepts) there is a fun way to get students’ attention and help them stay focused while reinforcing spelling concepts. Gamification is used by many parents and teachers as a learning resource that is easy to use, engaging for students, and provides support for parents by reinforcing the learning and assessment process for students.

It’s All Fun and Games

Power Spelling vocabulary spelling gamesSpelling and vocabulary practice does not have to be a mundane task relegated to just flashcards or paper and pencil. While it may seem like the students are “just playing” games, they are actually learning. Spelling statistics and scores are recorded for the parent or teacher to review, which help drive spelling instruction. Power Spelling offers many games for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. New spelling games and features are constantly being added and updated. Power Spelling can be used on any internet-supported device including iPads, iPhones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Customizable Word Lists

For any spelling program, the question about content revolves around which popular publisher word lists are available to be assigned as games or other instructional content to the students. Not only that but also whether or not the word lists themselves are customizable in case changes need to be made on the fly for tests and assignments. Ready to use pre-built word lists save valuable time and energy in the administration process of education. Power Spelling has something for all students and offers pre-built word lists for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Word lists can be made from the thousands and thousands of voice-supported words in the Power spelling library and words can also be added by parents and teachers as needed. The words come with pre-built sentences and voices to articulate the words and sentences during the test or gameplay. Not only can parents and teachers customize their own word lists, but the sentences can be customized as well. The platform even offers the option to record your voice for the students to hear! Custom word lists can quickly be entered directly on the screen or uploaded through a template. A fully customizable word list system tends to favor a homeschool environment where instruction may need to be that much more tailor-made to the specific needs of an individual or smaller group of students. Power Spelling makes it easy to customize each assignment to best meet the needs of your students.

Better Understand Your Students’ Spelling Success

Parents and teachers have the ability to watch student results live. As quickly as a student completes a word, Power Spelling will score the word and display the result. As soon as a student finishes an assignment, the scores and reports are instantly available to both students and adults. A report should allow you to look at student responses from a number of different perspectives. The reports allow you to quickly identify spelling miscues and possible deficiencies in reading. Some of the reports you can expect to find are: Power Spelling homeschool learning games

  • Administration Analysis
  • Word Analysis
  • Word Overview
  • Response Analysis
  • Results Analysis
  • Activity Summary

When working on assignments and games students should be able to see their scores to mark how they’re doing to empower students to better understand their own spelling strengths and weaknesses. Students have easy access to results, quickly showing them the word list where more practice is needed. They can then go to the Free Play, Word List, or the Spelling Game options for independent practice.

Compete in the Spelling Bee

Do you have students that are ready for a spelling challenge? Our Spelling Bee game is played in stages. Students will begin the Spelling Bee game at the classroom level and can progress all the way to the national level. As students move on to each level they will notice the words increase with difficulty and the gameplay slowly dwindles until only the final contestant is victorious! Students can select their difficulty level, but remember, just like the real Spelling Bee, each word must be spelled in a certain amount of time and if you misspell a word, you must start over.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee typically takes place during the summer. Mastering the basics of phonics and vocabulary takes practice. A Spelling Bee could be up to hundreds of words and during the educational process, it can be difficult to help keep students engaged in learning.

Affordable for Everyone

Save both time and money with the Power Spelling platform. No longer spend hours scoring spelling tests, or trying to guess your students’ spelling misconceptions. No more wasting time planning lessons that don’t hold students’ attention.

Power Spelling offers membership levels for parents, teachers, and schools. Annual parent memberships allow up to 5 students for each membership for only $19 per year. Classroom membership starts at just $29 and schoolwide membership are only $2.00 per student per year.

A 60-day free trial is available right now with no commitment at Sign up today to make spelling easy and fun for everyone.


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