Holiday Boredom Busters

December 27, 2017
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Guest Author

We’re two days in and the kids are already starting to complain of boredom! What’s a parent to do? Since television is something most of us try to avoid, the list of fun holiday activities can seem a little short. While it’s great to have a break, kids need something to do (and so do mamas!). Ward off the boredom with some of our holiday boredom busters!

Take a Homeschool Field Trip

Break through boredom by taking a tour of your hometown!

Ever wonder what your town has to offer aside from the things you see on a daily basis? Take an adventurous tour and find out! Maybe there’s a historic museum that will tell you about your town’s first residents and how the town came into existence. Perhaps some of those first residents still live in your town and would welcome some conversation with kids. Maybe there’s an old railroad that’s no longer in operation. Find out why it no longer runs. Are there urban legends in your town? Talking to some locals and getting to know more about where you live is an educational boredom buster!


Online Games

Whether you’re looking for games that will help build academic skills or just fun games in general, there are a plethora of online games available. Help your kids boost their typing skills with this free typing game that’s great for all ages. Or, get an edge on art with a color-mixing game.


Although you may think worksheets are the last thing your kids will want to do during the holidays, many kids thrive on the structure and become bored when they’re not doing something similar to what they usually do. It seems there are always skills kids can work on, such as sentence structure, or learning about their home state. If that doesn’t click with your child, try some story activity kit!

DIY Decorations 

DIY Christmas decorations help ease boredom.

There’s just something about the holidays that puts many people in a crafty mood! The best part about it is you can make decorations you will be able to pull out year after year. For instance, you can decoupage a mason jar with fabric poinsettia flowers and use that as a candle holder. Just get a clean jar and paint Mod Podge on the outside of the jar. Then, attach your poinsettia flowers (center stems removed) and paint over them so they’re “sandwiched” between the two layers of Mod Podge. Once dry, you’re ready to add a votive candle! Depending on the height of your jar, you may want to add some rice or beans to raise the candle for added safety.


Family read aloud time can turn into the most memorable time for your children. From classic Christmas stories  – like A Christmas Carol and The Gift of the Magi – to more contemporary stories, your children can enjoy listening to you read beautiful literature. They can also practice their reading skills by reading to others, such as at a nursing home or to younger children at the library.

Start Baking!

Many families like to use Christmas as a time to bake special treats they don’t make any other time of the year. If you’re looking for practical boredom busters, these holiday recipes for kids are perfect. You can share some of these treats with a single mom you might know, the new family in your neighborhood or anyone you think might appreciate it. You can also get a group of friends together and do a cookie exchange. Whatever you decide to do, break away from boredom by baking!

Write About It

Use a journal to remember the holiday season.Keeping a journal is one of our boredom busters that will help you look back on exceptional moments throughout the month. Whether you’re doing “December Daily” or just want a way to remember what this season was like down the road, a journal is perfect. You don’t need an expensive journal if you’re only going to track what happens during the holidays. In fact, you can make your own! Just fold a piece of solid or printed cardstock in half like a book. Then, fold as many sheets of paper as you think you’ll need for the inside. Remember, each sheet gives you four sides of paper. Be sure to crease each sheet of paper using a bone folder or the side of a yellow pencil. Line your paper inserts together and place them inside the cover.

To bind your journal, you can either sew straight down the center of the book or just use 2-3 staples. Then, keep track of your favorite holiday memories by writing about them! You can also insert pictures, doodles, ephemera (such as ticket stubs, receipts, etc.), and anything else that will make you remember this year.

All Aboard!

No, we’re not talking about hopping on the Polar Express; we’re talking about trying public transportation Sometimes, it’s nice to be the passenger. Most cities will have several options, and what child wouldn’t love to ride a train? In fact, the city trains will often have a Polar Express experience that’s sure to make some amazing memories!

Hot Chocolate and Light-Seeing

Hot chocolate and Christmas lights? Yes, please!

For some families, this is a part of the Christmas tradition. Seeing how others have decorated their homes for the holidays always brings on such warm and fuzzy feelings. But if you’re freezing, it’s probably because you forgot one of the most important ingredients: hot chocolate! Make some hot chocolate, put it in travel mugs, and then drive around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods and check out the light displays. 

From taking a hometown tour to creating a journal that commemorates the year, there are plenty of things to do during the holidays. In fact, this season is the perfect time of year to do some things you don’t usually get to do. What other boredom busters can you think of? Try thinking outside the box and let us know about some of your ideas!