Homeschool Tips: Know Your State Homeschool Regulations

August 1, 2017
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Guest Author

Homeschooling within Your State’s Regulations: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You!

There have been a number of news articles from other countries, where homeschoolers have been arrested or have been separated from their children simply because they homeschool? We are lucky in the United States because homeschooling is legal here. Even though it’s legal, it’s still easy to become come confused by state laws and regulations. Beginning homeschoolers will wonder where they get their curriculum or how to join a home school community. Adirondack Learning Academy will help you understand your state’s laws and regulations and provide you with a customizable, accredited curriculum to guide your education.

The first step in homeschooling is to learn your local homeschool regulations.

Each state has different laws and regulations, but each state allows parents to educate their children at home. State law provides general guidance or regulations, but the parents get to decide on details like curriculum and school days. Visit our sister site, A2Z Homeschooling for a detailed break down of homeschool laws and regulations.

The second step of homeschooling is to understand the limitations of the regulations.

Many laws are written for the benefit of public school students. These regulations do not apply to homeschooled students. Many times, homeschoolers do not have to follow the regulations for students in public schools. It is important to understand and obey with the regulations for homeschoolers. Look up your state, province, or territory’s homeschool regulations, using the list below. 

Keep in mind when reading over laws and educational regulations for your area, that public high school requirements are not usually enough for college admission. Many homeschooled students exceed the expectation for college admission because they are invested in the academic success of their children. At Adirondack Learning Academy you receive a complete transcript to provide to your school of choice.

The third step of homeschooling is to decide what works best for your family.

For more detailed information on how to follow your state homeschooling laws visit Getting Started Homeschooling!