Homeschooling Twice-Exceptional Students

June 23, 2022
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I was 38 when I learned there was a term for what I am.  I always thought that term was, “smart, but bad at math.” As it turns out, the term for what I am is “twice-exceptional.” That term makes it sound like I can breeze my way through the world with accolades and success….but the reality is quite the opposite.

What is Twice-Exceptional?

Twice-exceptional is a term for students who show the criteria for being labeled “gifted and talented” but also “give evidence of one or more disabilities (NAGC).” Often, one of these “labels” tends to overshadow the other. “Gifted” students often have learning or emotional disabilities that go undiagnosed. Talents and gifts in children with a “special education disability” are frequently overshadowed or downright ignored.

How Does a Twice-Exceptional Student Appear?

Homeschooling Special NeedsTwice exceptionality can manifest itself in a variety of ways.  A student who excels in math might struggle in language arts because of dyslexia.  A student might be a distraction to his classmates because he is not being appropriately challenged by the material. A student on the Autism spectrum might not be able to participate effectively in group projects. A straight-A student might forget or lose her homework because of ADHD.  An otherwise brilliant student might fail tests due to anxiety. 

How Can I Help My Twice-Exceptional Student?

Your student will probably excel in some areas and struggle in others.  As a homeschool parent, you are uniquely able to identify those strengths and struggles. For those subjects in which they excel, allow exploration. Allow self-direction. Encourage students to develop their own projects that align with their strengths and interests.  For the subjects they have a hard time focusing on, consider small group classes or online tutoring.  The presence of peers or a certified instructor will help students by teaching those concepts from new and different perspectives.

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