How to Combine Career with Homeschooling

March 15, 2016
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When people first consider homeschooling their children, they are often afraid that this decision would not only disrupt their social life but also hinder their career growth. After research and from personal experience, they usually realized how wrong this presumption is. Work and homeschooling can be balanced very easily. In fact, many homeschooling parents are accountants, engineers, professors, lawyers and doctors.

How can homeschoolers be both star employees and ideal parents?

  1. Choose Work That Has Shifts

The first requirement for this arrangement to work is to select a profession where you can choose to work in shifts. Homeschooling allows you the liberty of teaching your children whenever and wherever you wish. You can, of course, create the homeschooling routine to complement your work hours. However, sometimes, the children prefer to study at certain times. If your children seem to be more attentive during morning sessions, you can decide to stay at home during early hours and catch the evening shift at work.

  1. Divide the Subjects with Your Husband/Wife

Another amazing thing about homeschooling is that you can share the pressure. You and your partner can divide subjects among yourselves and then teach only those you are comfortable with.

For example, if you are not good at Mathematics and History, assign those subjects to your partner. You can choose to teach English and Arts instead.

  1. Hire a Tutor for Some Subjects

If you find that neither one of you are ready to teach a subject, you can hire a tutor for the kids.

  1. Introduce eLearning to Your Kids

Many parents want their children to learn by themselves when they are working. So, they engage their children in e-learning programs. These programs are interesting and interactive. Children often prefer learning from these sources. When your children are old enough to learn on their own, you can introduce them to the world of online education .

  1. Co-operate with Other Homeschooling Parents and Take Shifts

Finally, you can also co-operate with other homeschooling parents and take shifts to teach both your children and their children.

If you maintain these 5 simple steps, you can not only manage work and home…you can be a great parent and excel at your career!


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