How to Use Video Tools for Homeschooling

October 1, 2021
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Guest Author

Nowadays, education is not just limited to paper and pencil. With the advancement in technology, education has evolved and now features different technologies for learning. Interactive online learning involves children watching exciting videos related to everything and anything.  Videos are a great source of learning, but it isn’t easy to come by a video that is the perfect match for what you are teaching your children. In this case, it is a better idea to make educational videos on your own.

Here are some video tools for teachers and students that can help them easily create and edit any video:

Video Editing Tools for Teacher


Videoform is a video creation tool that offers a lot of exciting tools for you to choose from. If you want to create an interesting and interactive video, you need to use a tool that offers you a large variety of editing options to choose from. This tool lets you record your screen and face, allowing teachers to assess students’ progress using analytics. The face recording features are a great addition as it helps students who practice virtual learning, socialize.

No matter what type of video you want to make, Videoform offers you a platform where you can come up with all sorts of exciting videos.


If you use or create videos for your kids or even for teaching other kids, this platform is perfect. ClipChamp is an in-browser video editor that allows quick and easy editing along with several high tech options for editing as well.


As a teacher, you are always working. You may be working from your home laptop, your mobile, or the lab in the school. Storing videos on a single device can be problematic, which is why Renderforest offers its cloud storage. This feature helps teachers edit and create their videos whenever they want and on whichever device they want. This video editor provides ready-made templates teachers can use to make their videos and save up on time.

If you are someone, who is not so tech-savvy, this editor can be the best tool for you. It is straightforward to use, and one can make a video without putting in much effort.


EzVid is a tool that bridges your videos and YouTube. Using this tool, teachers can edit and make videos and upload them to YouTube. This is best for students who are involved in project-based learning. Teachers can create all sorts of videos and publish them on YouTube for everyone to view. This tool also allows teachers to record their screens and then make edits to the recorded videos. This is very helpful when teachers want to feature their lectures and explain things by showing different working styles.

If you want to make a basic video and do not want to do anything fancy, this tool is the best fit for you.

Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi Video Editor is one of the most resourceful video editing software. It allows users to breathe life into their creative ideas. There are several things you can do, for instance, you merge different small videos fluently. This helps teachers record or come up with various videos and join them together to get comprehensive learning.

They are also permitted to use different filters and stickers to make the video more entertaining, and students enjoy it wholly. This free video editing software is a relief for teachers as they can create whatever video they want without paying a lot of money.


Since the day education has moved online, Zoom has been one of the most demanded applications. Many teachers use it every day to conduct a live class. It is very convenient as it gives a lot of control to teachers. Using this tool, teachers can deliver lectures without the disturbance of other students. The teacher can quickly mute the class and only unmute when it’s time for questioning.

This live calling tool allows you to record your lectures, and you can download them to use whenever you want.

Video Editing Tools For Students


iMovie is an editing tool that can help students come up with all sorts of video projects. The best part about this tool is that it is free. Students do not have to pay money to make videos and can use them from their iPads and Mac computers.

This tool has no limitations on the video length, and you can make both short and feature-length movies. The tool also provides different templates to make a video or join two or more together. You can use the music iMovie offers as it is royalty-free.

This tool is the perfect match for your video projects. It is easy to use, so look for the best project ideas for students and make the video on iMovie.


Magisto is a more advanced tool for video editing. It gives you many options, including effects and filters. You can trim and edit your videos to whichever length you want. If you are making a presentation of sorts, you will need smooth transitions. Magisto will help you add smooth transitions to your videos so that they are fun to watch.

If you are short on time, you can even use different templates that are pre-available.


Animoto is the editing tool you need if you want to go for a perfect video. With this tool, you will add multiple footage and make a video that is edited to perfection. The tool offers both stock assets and other multimedia content royalty-free.

In conclusion, education is now a lot more than teaching a group of students in a classroom. There are more mediums available to get the education they need, and one of those mediums is videos. Videos are very beneficial in giving students the information they need interactively.