Leaving Corporate America to Become a Homeschool Mom

April 28, 2021
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Guest Author


This is a guest blog post from Laurie Brown of HomeschoolOutfitters.com.

After years of watching my son come home from school each day in utter defeat, I realized something had to change. All hope that he would simply grow out of this stage had dissipated. When a series of events lined up perfectly, I realized it was God’s perfect timing and took the jump from corporate America into the role of homeschooling mom overnight. I was terrified and excited at the same time. I had been so blessed in my job, being able to work at home 3 days a week, and now, leaving the security of a paycheck, insurance and retirement to teach my son at home was overwhelming. Would he learn? Could I teach him? These questions were clouding my thoughts. I wasn’t new to the idea of homeschooling as my younger brother and sister were homeschooled and my niece and nephews are currently being homeschooled, but I had always taken the school route with my own family. We had tried both public and private schools for my son and although he had had a much better experience in private, he was still struggling socially.

Homeschooling and Working Story
Laurie Brown with homeschool table set up at work.

Before our school year began I planned a trip to the nearest homeschool store; which was over an hour away. What a fun experience (once I got there!) They had everything you could imagine and I believe I spent three hours there (seriously) before finally dragging myself away. I was really excited but my son was less than enthused about the entire process. He thought he would be lonely and bored at home. But we found a Homeschool P.E. class at the YMCA that met twice a week and a fun Science class at the Co-Op near our home and thus began our routine. What didn’t work I tossed out but we kept moving forward. I ended up buying new curriculum after Christmas and started with new projects. The greatest blessing was overhearing my son tell his dad how much he loved homeschooling and how much fun he was having! It was all worth it! Imagine, school being fun!

I don’t want to give false illusions, there were bad days and times I wanted to quit because my son wasn’t always in the mood to learn about math or anything, and after all, I was just his mom. And let’s face it; moms don’t always get the best from their children. But overall and truly, what a blessing it has been! And challenging and crazy and frustrating and rewarding! It has been a learning adventure for the whole family and I feel so privileged to have been part of it!

It was really out of that first trip to the homeschool store that the wheels began to churn on opening my own homeschool store. I spent a lot of time driving or searching online for products and I kept hoping that I would come across a store that had everything I needed in one place. Although we only recently launched and have lots of growing to do, I hope to someday be that store for all of you!

All the best in your homeschooling endeavors, Laurie Brown from HomeschoolOutfitters.