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August 22, 2018
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Online learning is ever increasing in popularity and providers are popping up all over the place. With so many resources to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Let’s cut through the noise and look at a personalized online instructional program designed for individuals!

Teaching Assistance Program is a premier site for personalized online instruction designed specifically to maximize the learning of all students including those with different learning styles and English as a Second Language. Our quality K-12 curriculum is clearly different from other programs and provides:

  • A comprehensive Program with all K-12 grades and the subjects of Math, English, Science, & History +Test Prep for college entrance exams AP, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GED, and more.
  • Success for all Learning Styles by allowing students to select the learning resources and videos that best fit their learning needs.

Please go to for a Free Trial and to see our videos How to Use,  Test Prep success & Personalized Learning and User Guide on how to monitor students’ progress. eTAP is being used for a complete Homeschooling program or supplemental to other programs.

Contact [email protected] for assistance about how we can help you to increase your student’s success.

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Blaise Subbiondo, President, eTAP, Inc. 949 497 2200, [email protected] Skype bsubbiondo

eTAP, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) and, as a non-profit, provides free memberships for those with incomes below the federal poverty level guidelines. Please email requests for financial assistance to [email protected]


We have used e-tap to Homeschool both of my daughters, age 14 and 8 for two years now and we have found it the easiest program to follow. I have taught in the public schools for 13 years before and have an MA in Education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.  I have many years of experience evaluating curricula and searching for curricula to meet the needs of individual students. Many times online curricula have been very frustrating because the companies make the mistake of thinking that “more is better” when it is just “more stuff”. Effectively meeting standards is lost among the loads of “busywork” or even worse, the program has so many techno-glitches that it is a frustrating waste of time for both the instructor and the student. Last year we were required to use an ineffective program like that in order to earn HS credit for biology. Luckily, e-tap was much easier to follow and focusing on your program was much more effective to study and pass the EOC tests here in Washington State than the required program. Being able to simply take pretests and posttests provides a clear record of progress through the material and the links are navigated to follow the objective so we don’t have to search for outside material. Using e-tap is the most efficient use of our time towards meeting standards.  Thank You, Helen M. Pacheco,