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July 13, 2022
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Men, if any of you are reading this (blink! blink! blink!), I am writing this of my own free will without any coercion from the wonderful wife and homeschool teacher who teaches our children. She’s still working with one of our children four hours after the public school teachers finished their work day. She carries the primary burden of teaching our children the regular “textbook” curriculum.  She’s already put in a very long day both with kids and with farm chores, and she’s still making sure our children learn well at these late hours. You better believe that I’m president of my wife’s Superhero Fan Club.

Seriously! It’s the truth. I was just blinking because I nearly had tears in my eyes watching her perform superhero feats. I’m sitting here completely amazed at her patience and work ethic while I goof off writing homeschooling articles. Besides homeschooling, she can cook, clean, manage everyone’s social events including mine, and answer the phone with a spritely “Hello” all while silencing my wild horde of children with a mere look. That’s impressive. I certainly can’t praise her or thank her enough. She is the most awesome superhero I know.

For those of you married to a superhero homeschooling mom, quickly tell her that IHomeschool Superhero Mom don’t know what I’m talking about, and say, “Sweetheart, you are the best homeschooling superhero mom in the world. No one else is as awesome as you are.”

Are there any children around? Better use your best evil cackle and chase them out of the room because the number one superfan should be seconds away from a kiss from the superwoman of your dreams about right now.

Knowing how much you want to read after getting home from a long day at work, and with Wonder Woman hopefully batting her eyes at you across the pile of school books, loose papers, and dinner dishes, I’ll keep this as short as possible while still helping a fellow brother-in-arms.

Here are the rules to start your own Superhero Homeschool Mom Fan Club:

Rule #1 – Tell Her She is Amazing

Forget the burnt toast for breakfast and the disagreement about whose fault it was you forget to pick up the milk on the way home. She’s still doing legendary feats of agility and cunning that neither you nor most of America dares attempt.  According to the National Education Center for Education Statistics, only 6.8 percent of American homes homeschool.

Rule #2 – Be Ready With Quantifiable Reasons She’s Amazing

Of course, she’ll want to hear you say nice things, but she’s going to test whether you’ve thought this through enough to quantify her finer points. She’s a homeschooling supermom, remember. No sluffing on this test, and I can’t help you there. Move it or lose it, brother.

Rule #3 – Make Sure All the Evil Minions, In-Laws, Friends, and Neighbors Hear You Praising Her Whenever You Get the Chance

The best SuperSoldier serum to give any supermom is very, very public praise. There are enough forces of evil out there watching her for any signs of weakness because they aren’t brave enough to do what she does. Such evil-doers gain power when she doesn’t have your public support and they attack from behind with derogatory comments and insults.

Rule #4 – Don’t Screw This Up

Flopping on the couch in front of the T.V. like Jabba the Hutt and leaving your wife to simultaneously finish teaching your unruly children, as well as all the cooking and cleaning may not be the best plan. Wonder Woman sometimes disguises herself as the Ice Queen when she’s not appreciated, and you’ll be frosting your toes in the dog house if you forget this rule.

Rule #5 – Help When And Where You Can

Very few dads carry the primary load of homeschooling, and if you do, that is spectacular. For those of us who can’t, find a way to do something. If that means you need to be the Home Room teacher to keep the wild bunch at their homework while she cooks, then do it. If you can help explain hard concepts or practical applications for things such as why everyone needs to learn to read, write and do math well, then do that. If, like me, your career limits you to Special Teams where your investments can only be for short periods, don’t lose the opportunity to move the ball down the field. Don’t discount this, because it really includes a lot of special roles.

Here are special roles you can play:

  • Friend – Don’t let your precious little thieves take your place as her best friend or confidant even if they do steal all her time. That’s your job. No matter how much the two of you think and act differently or “discuss something” in the laundry room; you’re on the same team. Hold her hand. Make sure everyone sees you give her a sly wink. Chase her around the kitchen and whisper in her ear. Then give her a kiss right in front of all her students. The more groaning and gagging you hear from the peanut gallery, the better.
  • Principal and Disciplinarian – Be the final stop for discipline so your wife doesn’t always have to be the “bad guy”. You be the one to take technology or other fun things away or provide whatever the appropriate discipline needs to be.
  • Coach – Get them moving and their blood pumping. They need exercise, muscle tone, endurance, and a means of burning all that energy to prevent them from chasing each other through the house and over the furniture later. Wear them out.
  • Assistant Janitor/ Master of Slaves – Yep. You read that right. This is not a democracy. This is a home where everyone has to learn to take part or it falls apart. No need to be harsh. You are a firm but genial Task Master. If you teach them, you are giving them a better education in real life and character than any public education can even dream of. You’re creating a superhero support team and developing future superhero leaders. The best leaders know how to serve first. Don’t let your children weasel their way out. Even young children can do basic chores if you teach, help and encourage them. They can help with dishes, vacuuming, trash, cleaning their bedrooms and bathrooms, laundry, breakfast, setting and clearing the table, babysitting siblings, feeding pets, helping with homestead chores, etc.
  • General Manager – Ever think why team managers spend tons of time and money on dinners, parties, advertising, bonuses, uniforms, etc for their coaches and players? Because the morale booster increases team performance. Be your wife’s best encourager. Routinely take her on a date, even if it’s a soda pop or coffee, walking, or to a PG movie. It’s not about the cost. It’s about the quiet, sanity, and appreciation she can look forward to every week. Take the kids to the library, park, Grandma’s, or on a French Fry date routinely without her. Use the time to develop the membership of her Superhero Fan Club by telling your kids something awesome about her. Remember, it’s the General Manager who develops the quality of the team. Do you want your team to win?
  • Prayer Warrior – She’s your front-line leader. Without your prayer defense and request for more fire support and endurance, she can face defeat. Beg our Heavenly Commander as if the battle depends on her survival; because it does.

All right men. The forces of evil are intent on destroying our entire world. They not only want to turn those young skulls of mush into mindless minions, but they also want to crush the very superhero who keeps your world safe. It’s up to her number-one super fan to keep her flying high.

More About the Author:

Homeschool Volunteer Writer

Gabriel is first and foremost redeemed by Jesus. He is blessed to be married to his childhood sweetheart, a father of seven homeschooled children, and grandfather to a quickly growing clan of grandchildren. He grew up in tribal evangelism missions in Panama, Central America. Making practical use of his Bible and Missions degree, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat correspondent. He also served in both the Army National Guard and U.S. Army as a public affairs specialist and team leader while taking 20 years to fast-track his B.A. in Communications between government-paid vacations to several countries including Iraq. He spent a few years serving as Chief of Facilities, Operations and Security for an evangelistic ministry while also rebuilding a 130-year-old farm into Lantern Hill Farm. He currently farms, mentors young men and writes books on character for children and young men. When he eventually grows up, he might become a pirate… a good one of course. Really though, he wants to tell stories that lead people to love his Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.


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