Top 5 Proofs You’re a GREAT Homeschooler

April 15, 2020
Written by:
Guest Author

Wondering if you’re cutting it? Doubting your ability as a homeschool parent? Test yourself with these 5 Proofs that really do “prove” you’re a GREAT homeschooler!

Whether you’re new to the homeschooling role or a veteran in the field, you may sometimes feel like you’re not doing it right or like you’re failing at the game. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you feel less than stellar at homeschooling!

1 – You’re doing it for the kids. Homeschooling can seem like a daunting task that isn’t always fun, but always remember that you’re doing it for your kids.

2 – You’re making a ton of sacrifices. Alone time, a clean house, etc. These are all things you willingly sacrifice to make homeschooling work! You know you could have a spotless house all day if kids’ projects weren’t there to mess it up, but it’s more important to you that you create a love for learning than keep a spotless house. Furthermore, you enjoy being around your kids. Sadly, many parents look forward to when they can send their kids back to school after summer or winter break. You, as a homeschooler, don’t get that time…but it doesn’t matter. You enjoy being around your kids no matter what time of year it is and no matter how much they’re around (24/7 to be exact).

3 – You force yourself to do what you don’t always feel like doing. There are and will be many days when you simply don’t feel like homeschooling. How do you overcome this? By pressing forward and doing it regardless and by adapting to whatever situation you have going on.

4 – You make sure the kids get the BEST education possible. There’s no doubt about it—a one-on-one education or a personalized education is the best education you can give your children. Homeschooling provides this for your children and you are the one doing it!

5 – You have your kids’ best interests at heart. It’s true that some of the best teachers do have kids’ best interests at heart. However, no one has your child’s absolute best interest at heart like you do. In fact, you know there’s an easier way but still, you take the hard road. The easier way would be to send your kids off to the local public school. While this may be tempting at times when you see that yellow bus drive by your house, you still choose to take the road that’s less traveled and homeschool. This is definitely something to be applauded!