Using Online Tools and Websites To Encourage Writing

May 8, 2017
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Writing graphic - Using Online Tools and Websites To Encourage Writing

Using Online Tools and Websites To Encourage Writing


When trying to introduce writing into your child’s curriculum, it can be a challenge to say the least. A lot of writing is confidence, and if you don’t have it you’ll struggle to teach the right skills. Luckily, there are lots of tools and websites out there that can make the job a lot easier.

– Make multimedia a part of writing: Thanks to modern technology, a student’s writing isn’t just confined to the page. They can now create different kinds of media with it. For example, encourage them to write and film their own scripts, or create podcasts based on their writing. Writing is much more fun and engaging when students get to create a finished product with it.

– Teach the importance of citations: Writers can use sources from all over the web these days, so you want to make sure that they’re citing those sources correctly. If you’re worried about how they cite their sources, give them the Cite It In address. This tool creates correct citations for any source, meaning your students will never have to worry about them.

– Encourage blogging: Blogging is a great tool to use in any classroom. It makes your students write for a specific audience, so they have to think about who they’re writing for, and why. If you’re looking to teach them about writing for audiences, it’s the best practical tool you have at your disposal. There are plenty of kid friendly blogging tools out there that you can use.

– Use grammar tutorials: Know your grammar? There’s probably at least a few rules that you’re not too sure of. If that sounds like you, try using online grammar tutorials. Both you and your students can benefit from the knowledge.

– Automated programs can help: As an educator, it can be hard to give a student the correct feedback on their own writing. Writer and teacher Frank Lay says ‘Writing is an ever evolving art form, and many people don’t feel confident in giving feedback themselves.’ That’s why an automated program may be helpful alongside your own teaching.

Tools that will encourage writing

KidBlog: This website offers your students a safe place to share their writing online. You can keep track of what they publish, and they have an authentic audience that they can safely interact with.

Whooo’s Reading: This tool is designed to test your student’s comprehension of the texts they’re reading, all while making reading fun for them. It helps them engage with reading more fully, and you track their progress.

Storybird: This website allows children to make their very own visual storybooks online. It’s a fantastic way to encourage them to get involved and make their own stories. You can even have them printed in real books for a fee.

Writing With Writers: Are your students keen writers? Then this site puts them in touch with real authors. They’ll publish their work and authors will help them shape it into something special.  

Paper Fellows: Paper Fellows is a writing community in which anyone is welcome to join. Established writers are on hand to work with up and coming writers, to consult and nurture the talent they have.


There are many online tools and websites that can be utilized to get your students enthused about writing. Show them how many options they have, and they’ll soon find ones that truly help.


Brenda Berg is a professional consultant and tutor for college students with over 15 years of experience. She is self-motivated results driven individual who is encouraged to travel and share gained experience in career, eLearning and self-development. You can find her on Linkedin