Why Gamification Works

July 27, 2022
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Homeschooling can be challenging at times, but technology has definitely helped parents stay on track when it comes to teaching their children from home! Have you ever heard of the term “gamification?” If not, we’re here to tell you all about it, including how you can use it to improve your homeschooling journey!

Gamification, or Gamified Learning, Defined

Gamification can be defined as using various gaming features (such as scores, competitions, quests, …) in place of traditional teaching approaches with the aim to offer children a more interactive and engaging learning experience.

Here’s why it works:

  • (Most) Children enjoy games, so including gamification practices in your homeschool plan may result in increased focus and engagement!
  • As there are usually clear goals to achieve, gamified learning may help you (the parent/educator), create a clear structure for particular topics.Homeschool Gamification
  • All information is communicated in small, digestible chunks, which promotes knowledge retention.
  • Lots of children struggle to keep their brains switched on, as they may deem traditional forms of learning to be “boring”. Gamified learning eliminates this hurdle.
  • Gamification may provide the whole family with a lot more flexibility, as it is usually conducted digitally, meaning that as long as you have access to an electronic device and internet connection, your child will be able to learn from anywhere, at any time.
  • Competition is a great motivator!
  • Games are a great way to encourage children to progress, as they generally increase in difficulty as children play. This is also an amazing chance to provide kids with a more personalized learning experience, gamified learning allows children to learn at their own pace!

Homeschooling has increasingly become the preferred learning method for thousands of families worldwide. One of the main challenges that accompanies the decision to homeschool is finding new ways to keep your child entertained and engaged, and that’s why gamified learning could be the solution to this academic struggle!

Homeschool Gamification Tips for Success

If you’re thinking of giving gamified learning a go, here are some of our top tips on how you can successfully apply gamification features to your homeschool schedule:

  • Choose games/challenges that your child is familiar with and that can be enjoyed as a family. Why not create your own educational gameshow or come up with an original card game all about, for example, Language Arts?
  • Always plan ahead and let your child know exactly what they should expect. Children like having something to look forward to, and so framing gamified learning as a “treat” to break up your homeschool day might very well work in your favor!
  • Technology can be your best friend! There are awesome educational programs out there, like Night Zookeeper, that will make your homeschool journey a lot easier and more enjoyable! Programs with a gamified approach to learning will make your child forget that they’re studying! Here are our favorite features available within the program:
    • The curriculum: Night Zookeeper has homeschoolers completely covered when it comes to following a set Language Arts curriculum, with their wide range of interactive lessons, challenges, games, writing prompts, and projects, curated by a team of educational experts!
    • The feedback: Night Zookeeper does all the grading for parents! Their feedback system provides tutor comments on all submitted assignments and writing pieces, to ensure steady progression and motivation! All the content submitted by children is carefully moderated, reviewed, and published by the program’s team of tutors, which means that all the content available is completely safe and approved!
    • The community: One of the features that sets Night Zookeeper apart is its amazing community. It allows children from all over the world to connect through their love for reading and writing in a completely safe online environment. This is a very popular feature for homeschooled children, as it allows them to stay connected with children who share similar interests and it promotes positive communication and supportive social interactions.

If Night Zookeeper sounds like a good homeschooling resource for your family, make sure to try it out! They’re offering a 7-day, risk-free trial for you to check out all the awesome activities and resources available!


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