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April 12, 2019
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Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day! This Spring holiday is all about promoting eco-awareness and encouraging us to become more proactive in how well we care for our planet.

Earth Day is also an excellent topic for writers. Why? Simply put, writers can learn about the environment and become familiar with essential scientific principles while gaining valuable real-world writing experience. These Earth Day-themed writing topics will help to fuel your writers with a passion for a great cause and help them to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Elementary School Writing Topics

Earth Day is the perfect time of year to share quality nature-study time with your children. When you model a deep appreciation for nature coupled with actions that show respect for the planet, you inspire your children to do the same; and these experiences make perfect essay topics.

  • Trees are so much more than their colorful leaves, pretty flowers, and delicious fruits; they benefit the environment in many ways—creating shade to help lessen cooling costs, cleaning the air, preventing soil erosion, and so much more. Read about trees together, and if you’re able, plant a tree in your yard. Ask your child to make a list of the benefits of planting trees and help him or her to transform their list into a short essay.
  • Most kids are naturally drawn to animals. Read about some of the endangered animal species throughout the world and discuss the importance of a thriving habitat. Ask your child to choose a specific animal indigenous to your local area and help him or her to brainstorm ways to preserve its habitat and put those thoughts into an essay, such as How I can help save the habitat of the Gray Tree Frog.  

Middle School Writing Topics

As middle school writers develop more confidence in their writing skills, they will no doubt enjoy the challenge to write about meaningful topics such as water conservation and recycling.

  • Harvesting rainwater is a fantastic, environmentally-friendly family activity. You can build an easy DIY rain barrel that best matches your family’s needs. The end result is an ongoing surplus of fresh water to tend gardens, grass, and trees; wash bicycles, cars, and windows; and nourish livestock, to name a few. Help teach your tween writer how to put their passion for a good cause into a meaningful persuasive essayWhy You Should Harvest Rain Water.


  • Recycling is essential to keeping our Earth healthy and beautiful; however, many plastic bottles, bags, and papers are often tossed on the ground and never make it to the recycling center. Ask your writer to research the effects of litter and write a cause and effect essay—Why is there so much litter and how does this affect my environment?


High School Writing Topics

Give your more mature high school writers opportunities to make meaningful contributions to society with essay topics that can spur change.  

  • Teenagers have opinions on just about everything. After discussing local environmental issues such as diesel fuel fumes, stream pollution and runoff, the dwindling pollinator population, and more, with your teen, ask his or her opinion. Help them put their feelings into an Op-Ed or Opinion Editorial. Your local newspaper is a great market match. Also, many news sites such as CNN online will pay well for a well-planned, well-written opinion.


  • Electric and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as our desire to clean up our environment increases. But are these cars worth all the hype? Some experts argue that electric cars are eco-friendly; others have legitimate doubts. Ask your high school writer and/or new driver to do a little digging, choose a position, and defend his or her stance in a well-researched expository essay.


If your writer isn’t quite ready to dive into a full-length essay, break these ideas into paragraphs, or take it one sentence at a time. For a little extra help, try a Time4Writing course. With topics like grammar, paragraphs, and mechanics, your child will be writing an essay in no time!

Young people need to know that what they think and feel matters. You can celebrate Earth Day every day by encouraging your writers to think about what they love most about our planet. How can they put their passion for a healthy, beautiful home into words that can help make a difference for years to come?

Happy Earth Day!

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