Writing in a Winter Wonderland

December 9, 2022
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Ah, chilly days and snowflakes, hot chocolate and good books, and a warm fire dancing in the hearth… But when you think of winter do you think of writing?

Winter is a wonderful time to get creative with your writing lessons, so we put on our woolly thinking caps and came up with these unique winter-wonderland writing prompts for writers at all levels. So, grab a mug of cocoa, and let’s write!

Elementary School Writing Prompts

Tap into your younger writer’s natural curiosity and spark that vivid imagination with words that bring winter to mind. You can start with words like cold, frozen, woodsmoke, snowy, polar, arctic, snowball, shovel, and mittens. Once your writer has some inspirational words in mind, have them try one of the following prompts.Writing in the Winter Homeschool

  • Write a story called The Ultimate Snow Day. What would you do if you could create the perfect snow day holiday? Would you hunker down under a warm, cozy blanket and have a read-a-thon? Would you sleep until noon, then play in the snow all afternoon? Even if you live in a place where the winter is sunny and warm, encourage your kiddos to flex their imagination muscles.
  • Blah, winter! I REALLY do NOT like winter, and here’s why. This is a very adaptable prompt. Younger writers can simply make a list. Based on your writer’s ability, these do not have to be complete sentences.  Challenge them to think of a dozen reasons. Can they come up with twenty-five? Older writers can pour out their winter blues in a fantastic fictional story or a first-person narrative.

Middle School Writing Prompts

Middle school students have a good grasp of the four basic sentence types, so encourage your writer to add some variety by incorporating more advanced sentences.

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Supersnowman! Imagine if your frosty snowman had a superhero cape. Write about The Adventures of Supersnowman. Encourage your growing middle school writers to extend this prompt into a super series. Is your writer artsy, too? Perhaps he or she can add illustrations and transform it into a comic book.
  • Imagine how a Polar Bear from Alaska would react if he woke up in hot, sunny Florida. Write about all of the strange things he would see and experience throughout his first day. Think about all of the differences he might find–more than just the temperature! What things might be the same or similar between the two places?

High School Writing Prompts

Many high schoolers are polished, proficient writers who can craft thoughtful essays and intriguing stories. Tap into their more mature writing skills and challenge their minds with these interesting prompts.

  • There are several species of penguins living in Antarctica and the subarctic islands. Research the different species and then choose two to compare. Write about the differences and similarities between the two, like diet, habitat, and how they’ve adapted to survive in a place that’s too harsh for many other animals.
  • An ode is a lyrical poem that sings the virtues of a person, a thing, or an event. Write an ode to winter. Or, write an ode to your ice skates, to snow, to hot cocoa, or to a snow day. Use metaphors and similes, and describe your subject in such a way that your reader can understand how it looks, smells, feels, tastes, and/or sounds.


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