Newsletter: Issue 26 Holiday Help

Curriculum Corner

What’s in Your Curriculum Bag this Season?

Some of you may be saying, “Nothing!” Which is what many homeschoolers do during the holiday season, (and don’t beat yourself up about it.) We homeschool to...

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Inspiration Station

The Holidays are the Perfect Time to Teach Social Skills

With all of the festivities, parties, plays, and general hoopla there are plenty of opportunities to teach our kiddos some social skills during the holidays...

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Organization Station

Taking Care of Yourself - Self-Care is Family-Care

As parents and homeschoolers we spend the majority of our days helping others. We plan nourishing meals, seek out curriculum our kids will enjoy, drive to activities and...

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Time Management

Give yourself a Checkup!

For many, the holiday season marks the midpoint of the homeschool year. It’s also the perfect time to evaluate your...

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