Secular Homeschool Tools

Discover tools that help you homeschool from a secular perspective.

So you are ready to be a secular homeschooler. Now what? Getting started as a homeschool can be overwhelming. And being a secular homeschooler can make it even more so. At first, all the homeschool information may seem faith-based. However, secular homeschooling is growing!  Finding completely secular homeschool resources is now easier. is here to help secular homeschooling families like yours connect with other like-minded homeschoolers, and you get the resources to help you succeed. Get support finding a secular homeschooling curriculum, free homeschooling tools, and ways to connect with others to make your secular homeschooling journey more fun and rewarding.

Resources For Secular Homeschoolers

Tools For Secular Homeschooling

Want more homeschool help? offers many homeschool education ideas to help make your homeschooling easier. Try the materials below to help you with your secular homeschool planning, lesson plan ideas, and more to support your homeschooling.

Ask any homeschooler, and they will tell you that choosing to homeschool is a big but rewarding step. Finding where you belong can make a difference between a good homeschooling experience and a great one. This is especially true with secular homeschooling families or families that choose to homeschool from a neutral perspective.

As secular homeschoolers, we understand that it can be difficult to find your place in the homeschool community. That is why a helpful and supportive homeschool site is important. You’ll find support in locating secular homeschool curricula, homeschooling groups, and tools. In fact, there are many ways for you to join our homeschool community. Discover how on our homeschool community page here.

Don’t go it alone. Take the time to use these tools to help you create the best homeschooling environment for you and your homeschoolers.