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It’s only natural that homeschooling parents have homeschool questions, but we’ve made it our mission to find you answers and solutions. Explore the most frequently asked questions that we hear, and see if you find your answer!

There are one or two states that require homeschooling parents to hold a college degree or teaching certificate. The best way to determine the required parent qualifications is by visiting your state’s homeschool laws. Fortunately, the majority of states do not expect parents to hold a bachelor’s degree or teaching certification.
Homeschooling works by meeting the students where they are and letting them learn at their own pace. Homeschooling for your family could be with an entirely online curriculum, or with only books, or a mix of both. In the end, homeschooling works by meeting your child’s best learning style and consequently, helping them excel.
Homeschooling can be free or cost several thousand dollars a year. That depends on what you choose as your means of education. As homeschooling parents, the bottom line is that: (1) you have complete control over how much homeschooling will cost and (2) you can give your child a quality education no matter how much or how little money you have.
Several studies have been conducted over the years that show that homeschooled children are more self-confident and less peer dependent than traditionally schooled students. Homeschoolers tend to do a lot of activities during the day which enable them to socialize with people of all age groups.

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