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More… Fun Freebies for New Homeschoolers!

Looking for some fun alternatives to your regularly scheduled programming? Look no further – these freebies will have your kiddos smiling in no time!

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Staying at Home? 10 Fun Freebies For New Homeschoolers

Finding yourself an emergency homeschooler? Check out our list of 10 fun freebies that will help you enrich your homeschooling lessons today! Click below for freebies!

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March Printables

We love getting kids writing, and journal writing is one of the best ways to do that! Print our beautifully designed March Calendar and Christian Journal page for both kids and adults and check back each month for the rest in the series!

February Printables

You’ll find a whole collection of beautifully designed printables to help organize your homeschool. Set includes a calendar, a journal page, and if you head over and download the free Copy Work eBook you’ll find a matching February copy work page!

Beautiful January Calendar and Bookmark!

You’ll love this beautifully illustrated January calendar! It coordinates beautifully with our Copy Work student ebook as well as our Christian Journaling page. Be sure to check back each month for the next in the series!

Beautiful January Calendar Printable (First in series)

January Journal Printable (first in series)

We love getting kids writing, and journal writing is one of the best ways to do that! Print our beautifully designed January Christian Journal page for both kids and adults and check back each month for the rest in the series!

Beautifully Illustrated January Christian Journal Printable

Free Year-Long Copy Work Curriculum (eBook)

Handwriting practice still lives! In fact, we think it’s pretty important around here. So much so, we designed a monthly homeschool copy work ebook to help you easily establish good handwriting in your homeschool!

Free Writing Truth Copy Work eBook

Start Homeschooling on the Right Foundation with a free eBook!

This ebook is perfect for getting started or for resetting your already existing homeschool. Are you struggling with your homeschool not working out as you’d planned? Take time to work through this helpful ebook to diagnose root causes that you may not realize are the issue!

What to Do When Homeschool Isn't Working!

The Sanity Saver Planner Free Version

Are you a work at home – homeschool mom? Then this planner is perfect for you! Easily reproducible pages allow you to print weekly plans as needed.  Everything you need to keep home, work, and school organized and running smoothly!

Click to download your Free version of the Homeschool/Working Mom Planner!

Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner: Holiday Add-On Pack

We love the Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner it’s been a wonderful solution to organizing our home! All of us at aren’t going to stop there. Each quarter we release an “Add-On” Pack that corresponds to the Sanity Saver Planner. You’re going to love this Holiday Add-On! It has Thanksgiving Pages as well as Christmas planning pages for both parent and student! AND did we mention the meal plans? Absolutely – you’re going to love printing those off and getting holiday meals organized with style!

Download Your Holiday Planner Printables

Homeschool Portfolio Template

A great way to showcase your student’s best work – a portfolio! In this downloadable printable homeschool portfolio pack you’ll find a short how to on using portfolios and cover sheets for just about every subject in a fun layout your kids are sure to love!

Homeschool Printable Portfolio Pack

Space Week Homeschool Unit Study

World Space Week is a great chance to learn more about something still mostly unknown to humankind: the universe!  We love the idea of utilizing World Space Week as a platform for astronomy-based science studies. To help, we’ve put together a collection of resources about outer space that will help you create a comprehensive unit study. So, let’s grab our telescopes and have some fun together!

Click below for the Space Week Homeschool Unit Study Resources!

Earth Science Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

Have your homeschoolers studied Earth science yet?  This branch of science, also known as geoscience, is an incredibly relevant area of study, and worth learning about!  Earth Science Week will be celebrated from October 13th – October 19th in 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited to compile a related unit study!  What better time to explore Earth science than now?!

Earth Science Introduction - Homeschool Unit Study

Nuclear Science Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

What do we know about nuclear science?  What do we still have yet to learn? There are nearly infinite uses of nuclear technology in our society today.  It is immersed in our medical system, scientific endeavors, research goals, modern conveniences for transportation, security, heating, cooling, and more — even solar energy is nuclear fusion!  And yet, as students and average people (aka those who aren’t nuclear scientists!), what do we really know about nuclear science?

Nuclear Science Introduction - Homeschool Unit Study

Chemistry Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

However, for those of us who are new to chemistry, unlike astronomy or biology, it can seem rather cloaked in complicated equations and experiments.  Can you even begin to understand or appreciate chemistry without a solid knowledge of formulas or chemistry-related jargon? Actually, yes you can! While mastering chemistry does require a foundation of that complex information, we can still learn how chemistry affects our daily lives and how it impacts us personally without a deeper study.

Free Chemistry Introduction Homeschool Unit Study

End of the Year Checklist!

The end of the school term is fast approaching, and there are always loose ends that need to be tucked away! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!  We are here to help you wrap things up with an easy to follow –  printable, end of the year, homeschool checklist!

Grab Your Free Printable End of the Year Checklist Here!

Back to Homeschool Printable Bundle

It’s time to get back to it! Buying school supplies, cleaning the house, planning the year… it’s all fresh and fun. Let us help you simplify your homeschool paperwork with our back to homeschool bundle. It features tips and tricks to start things off right, weekly student checklists, a month planner page, and a gorgeous quarterly grade book!

Back to Homeschool Printable Bundle

StreamableU – 100% OFF

Emergency Newsflash… You’ve got to grab this deal… StreamableU is offering 100% off (that’s FREE – LOL!) for the first 100 who snatch this up! Perfect for streaming some of those difficult college prep courses! Free Access to College Prep and everything else involved in the college application process. FREE to the first 100 registrations (value $99). Enter code AZFREE7 for 100% discount.


Summertime Survival Guide Free Planner

We’ve put together an awesome Summertime Survival Guide printable download! Great for planning out your summer to include both learning and fun! Take a minute to click through and print yours – you’ll have loads of fun. Have you purchased your Summertime Survival Guide yet? It’s a companion book that helps homeschoolers survive the summer with ease.

Printable Summer Time Survival Planner

Classroom Recorder – Free Music Course

Want to introduce your kiddos to music, but don’t have training? Try this free course that teaches children how to play the simple musical instrument, the recorder. The only thing you need to furnish is the recorder which can be found easily on here – Recorder Instrument.

Classroom Recorder

Free Music Course – Name that Chord!

One of the most difficult parts of homeschooling is teaching the courses in which we don’t have training. This free simple music course gives some introductory concepts of music and chord intervals. There are lessons and even games to reinforce the concepts!

Name that Chord - Free Music Course!

Bri Music

A parent-child mini music course, for the absolute beginner! Start learning guitar WITH your music lover with our expanded free bundle. Two workbooks, four videos, and six songs later, you’ll have the magic of music and the joy of creative family bonding! Happy playing!

Teach Your Kid Their First Song in One Day

Celtic Life and Heritage Foundation

The Foundation celebrates Celtic and Irish heritage through participation in Celtic Festivals, providing themed educational modules for public, private, and home schools; as well as, staging exhibitions of Irish artwork and photos of the Irish countryside.

Bunratty Castle

Historic Overview of Ireland

Saint Patrick and the Legend of Caorthánnach

Irish Dance Module

General Module Information

Create Your Free High School Diploma

You’ve worked through it all… and now the happy day is approaching! Your senior will soon graduate, but how in the world will you create that diploma? We’ve got your solution right here. Includes a guide and free printables.

Learn How to Create a High School Diploma

Free Bible DVD for Homeschoolers!

I’ve seen how well kids respond to the stories of the Bible when they’re presented in a fun, entertaining way, and this FREE DVD does the trick! Click here to see a free preview of the film. Give your kids the gift of faith and make it fun for them to learn the greatest stories of the Bible. Order your FREE DVD from Family Bible Films now!

Click here to Order Now

Arbor Day Free Study Resources

Is it true that we can save the planet by planting more trees? Are trees really that important to the environment? Believe it or not, they sure are!

Study more about trees and Arbor Day here!

Free Homeschool Writing Assignment for Every Grade Level

When it comes to homeschool writing, this may mean doing additional research to find the best homeschool writing curriculum for your child’s needs, or simply discovering new types of writing assignments that will get your student more engaged.

Appropriate Writing Assignments for Every Grade Level