Free Homeschool Tools

Elementary Homeschool Report Card Template

Click and print this easy-to-use homeschool report card to simplify your record-keeping process!

Free Student Report Card Template

Free Digital Homeschool Organization Kit

Find everything you need to get your homeschool organized – digitally!’s weekly planner (duplicatable with tabs for the year), a grade book, a report card, and a budgeting tool make organizing your homeschool a snap!

Get the Homeschool Digital Organization Kit Now!

The Sanity Saver Homeschool Mom Planner (Full Version)

This planner has all the records, planning sheets, and organizational tools you’ll need to homeschool this year! With a $32 value, this planner is our gift to help your homeschool run as smoothly as possible.

The Sanity Saver Homeschool Mom Planner (Full Version)

Free Teen or Homeschool Dad Planner

Your teen is sure to love this simply designed planner. This homeschool planner is perfect for instilling organizational life skills and independent learning in your homeschool student. Download the planner for free today.

Student Homeschool Planner

Youth Homeschool Student Planner

Are you trying to encourage independent learning in your children? The best way to do that is with a planner. Grab this beautifully designed theme planner for your young student.

Youth Homeschool Student Planenr

Free Printable Full-Year Monthly Homeschool Calendar

Organize your homeschool schedule with our free printable year-long monthly homeschool calendar with inspirational quotes!

Free Printable Full-Year Monthly Homeschool Calendar

Free Journal Prompts and Pages Printable

Looking for motivation to get your young writers creative juices flowing? These journal prompts are perfect… and we’ve created some special journaling pages to help motivate and inspire!

Get Your Journal Prompts and Pages Today!

Free Unit Studies Supplements

Time4Learning has an extensive selection of unit studies that are free for homeschool parents to utilize. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of information they have available on United States Presidents and state facts. Check out their site and plan your next unit study today!

Unit Studies Supplements

Character Training Printable Series – Faith Based

Faith-Based Resource

As parents, passing on good character to our children is a priority and we recognize the benefits of encouraging traits of good character, such as integrity, honesty, and compassion in our children. This ebook addresses those character traits with lessons and worksheets!

Character Training Printable Pack

Full-Year Copy Work Curriculum – Faith-Based

Faith Based Resource

We have found that copy work is a great way to start the morning. Students can get practice with writing skills as well as inspiration for the day through themed scripture verses for each day.

Writing Truth Free Copy Work eBook Curriculum

Summer Reading Printable Fun

Print this fun kit for coloring pages, bookmarks and more! Make this summer’s reading loads of fun!

Summer Reading Fun Pack

Summer Reading Challenge Kit

Use the summer as a great time to read a book. Make it a challenge and the kids will enjoy it even more! Print our kit today, and get in on the fun! Games, reading trackers, bookmarks, and even certificates of achievement!

Free Summer Reading Challenge Printable Kit

Kids At Home Summer Camp Kit

Your elementary aged children will love this “At Home Summer Camp Kit.” The kit is filled with fun facts, learning activities, puzzles, and games. Perfect for the whole family!

Get the Whole Family Involved with an At Home Summer Camp!

Summertime Survival Guide Free Book & Planner

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to help you plan for a summer full of learning fun… then you’ve found your solution! This guide and it’s accompanying planner are perfect for helping you make a great plan for summer learning.

Get Your Free Summertime Survival Guide Free Book Here!

Guide to Homeschooling High School

Download this free ebook that helps walk you through every aspect of homeschooling high school.

Guide to Homeschooling High School

Homeschool Help Printable Pack

Don’t miss this addition to our Sanity Saver Homeschooling Planner. This add-on pack has some great stuff. You’ll find a grade book, ideas for helping kids stay on task while you work, and a student planner worksheet.

Print Your Free Homeschooling Help Printable Pack!

Free Homeschooling Portfolio Printable Pack

Homeschool portfolios are a great way to keep documentation of your student’s progress in one place. As you are getting started homeschooling, however, it can be challenging to know what should be included in the portfolio, so you may add a bit of everything. Our portfolio organizer is here to help you know exactly what you should keep and reduce the guesswork!

Free Homeschooling Portfolio Printable Pack

Guide to Creating a High School Transcript

Use this handy short ebook to walk you through the process of building and customizing your high school transcripts.

Guide to Creating a High School Transcript

Printable High School GPA Worksheet

Not sure about calculating your high schooler’s GPA? Grade point averages can be a little tricky. Print this free guide and worksheet that walks you step-by-step through calculating a GPA.

Calculate a High School GPA worksheet

High School Four Year Plan Printable

Creating a four-year high school plan can help your teen realize their dreams! Download this helpful worksheet today.

High School Four-Year Plan

Printable Community Service Log

Adding community service and volunteer hours to your homeschool student’s transcript allows college admissions to see your student’s passion and field experience.

High School Community Service Log

Free High School Homeschool Report Card

High School Student Homeschool Report CardGive your homeschool students a report card each quarter. It’s useful for discounts and perks with restaurants and amusement parks.

Free Printable Homeschool Report Card

Grade Book Google Spreadsheet

Grab this homeschool grade book spreadsheet to help you get started on your keeping your homeschool records this year.

Free Homeschool Grade Book Spreadsheet.

Printable High School Transcript Template

Create a professional-looking high school transcript with our printable template. Download our additional guide to creating a transcript and you’ll find a step-by-step approach to customizing a transcript that will impress admissions counselors.

Printable High School Transcript

Homeschool Portfolio Template

A great way to showcase your student’s best work – a portfolio! In this downloadable printable homeschool portfolio pack you’ll find a short how to on using portfolios and cover sheets for just about every subject in a fun layout your kids are sure to love!

Homeschool Printable Portfolio Pack

A Kid’s Guide to Saving: Interactive Workbook

Learn about personal finance and saving with this interactive or printable kid’s activity.

A Kid's Guide to Saving

September Homeschool Printables

Enjoy this beautiful wall-worthy calendar along with a motivating journal page to get your students writing their thoughts each day!

September Free Homeschool Printables

Free Homeschool Writing Assignment for Every Grade Level

When it comes to homeschool writing, this may mean doing additional research to find the best homeschool writing curriculum for your child’s needs, or simply discovering new types of writing assignments that will get your student more engaged.

Appropriate Writing Assignments for Every Grade Level

Summertime Survival Guide Free Planner

We’ve put together an awesome Summertime Survival Guide printable download! Great for planning out your summer to include both learning and fun! Take a minute to click through and print yours – you’ll have loads of fun. Have you purchased your Summertime Survival Guide yet? It’s a companion book that helps homeschoolers survive the summer with ease.

Printable Summer Time Survival Planner

August Homeschool Printables

Grab this month’s cactus themed trio of homeschool printables! This is by far one of our favorite themes! Print calendars for everyone, journal pages to create a monthly journal and download the free Year Long Copy Work eBook!

August Homeschool Printables

The Sanity Saver Planner Free (Shorter Version)

Are you a work at home – homeschool mom? Then this planner is perfect for you! Easily reproducible pages allow you to print weekly plans as needed.  Everything you need to keep home, work, and school organized and running smoothly!

Click to download your Free Homeschooling Planner

I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

Loads of fun learning for your kids! Listen in about all kinds of dinosaurs! Also, enjoy free lesson plans that coordinate with the dinosaur podcasts!

The Big Dinosaur Podcast

May Homeschool Printables

Grab this month’s beautiful homeschooling calendar and journal page printables. And, don’t forget these go nicely with our copy work ebook!

May Homeschooling Printables

Free Learning Worksheets

Find useful worksheets to help your children understand and practice concepts.

Daily Free Worksheets

Free Coloring Book

Stuck at home? Print these free coloring pages for some fun family time!

Cats, Dogs, Dinosaurs and More Printable Coloring Book!

Free STEAM Video Lessons

Looking to enrich your science lessons? These video lessons are easy to implement, and a perfect way to do just that!

League of Young Inventor's Video Lessons

Staying at Home? 10 Fun Freebies For New Homeschoolers

Finding yourself an emergency homeschooler? Check out our list of 10 fun freebies that will help you enrich your homeschooling lessons today! Click below for freebies!

Get Your 10 Homeschooling Freebies Here!

Free Homeschooling and Loving It Book!

This is the book that thousands of homeschoolers have used to get started homeschooling and LOVE IT! With a workbook approach that addresses all of the most frequently asked homeschooling questions, you’ll find answers to your questions! From beginner homeschoolers to experts there is something for everyone!

Free Homeschooling and Loving It Book!

Space Week Homeschool Unit Study

World Space Week is a great chance to learn more about something still mostly unknown to humankind: the universe!  We love the idea of utilizing World Space Week as a platform for astronomy-based science studies. To help, we’ve put together a collection of resources about outer space that will help you create a comprehensive unit study. So, let’s grab our telescopes and have some fun together!

Click below for the Space Week Homeschool Unit Study Resources!

Earth Science Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

Have your homeschoolers studied Earth science yet?  This branch of science, also known as geoscience, is an incredibly relevant area of study, and worth learning about!  Earth Science Week will be celebrated from October 13th – October 19th in 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited to compile a related unit study!  What better time to explore Earth science than now?!

Earth Science Introduction - Homeschool Unit Study

Nuclear Science Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

What do we know about nuclear science?  What do we still have yet to learn? There are nearly infinite uses of nuclear technology in our society today.  It is immersed in our medical system, scientific endeavors, research goals, modern conveniences for transportation, security, heating, cooling, and more — even solar energy is nuclear fusion!  And yet, as students and average people (aka those who aren’t nuclear scientists!), what do we really know about nuclear science?

Nuclear Science Introduction - Homeschool Unit Study

Chemistry Introduction – Homeschool Unit Study

However, for those of us who are new to chemistry, unlike astronomy or biology, it can seem rather cloaked in complicated equations and experiments.  Can you even begin to understand or appreciate chemistry without a solid knowledge of formulas or chemistry-related jargon? Actually, yes you can! While mastering chemistry does require a foundation of that complex information, we can still learn how chemistry affects our daily lives and how it impacts us personally without a deeper study.

Free Chemistry Introduction Homeschool Unit Study

End of the Year Checklist!

The end of the school term is fast approaching, and there are always loose ends that need to be tucked away! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!  We are here to help you wrap things up with an easy to follow –  printable, end of the year, homeschool checklist!

Grab Your Free Printable End of the Year Checklist Here!

Classroom Recorder – Free Music Course

Want to introduce your kiddos to music, but don’t have training? Try this free course that teaches children how to play the simple musical instrument, the recorder. The only thing you need to furnish is the recorder which can be found easily on here – Recorder Instrument.

Classroom Recorder

Free Music Course – Name that Chord!

One of the most difficult parts of homeschooling is teaching the courses in which we don’t have training. This free simple music course gives some introductory concepts of music and chord intervals. There are lessons and even games to reinforce the concepts!

Name that Chord - Free Music Course!